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How to Find the Goblin Knight Stronghold

Goblin Knight Strongholds can only be found inside a Dark Forest Biome, within the Twilight Forest. Often, they’re difficult to find due to how dark the forest is, and also because the entrance to the Goblin Knight Stronghold will spawn below-ground.

You’re looking for a structure made up of Blocks that look like Bricks. It might be dug into the ground, like a Trench which will make it hard to find.

goblin knight stronghold entrance
Entrance to the Goblin Knight Stronghold

The entrance to the Goblin Knight Stronghold is a 3×3 square, which is the Stronghold Shield. These blocks will be grey, with red squares on them. To gain entrance to the Stronghold, a previously collected Boss Trophy needs to be placed on top of the nearby pedestal.

If the player hasn’t defeated a Boss but places a Trophy down, they might receive the “You are unworthy” message. Entrance to the Goblin Knight Stronghold will then be forbidden. Afterwards, the Pedestal can be mined and collected, to display your own Trophies.

About the Goblin Knight Stronghold

The Goblin Knight Stronghold is like a maze. It’s huge in size, very dark and filled with hostile creatures. You’ll often find yourself walking down the same corridors, as most rooms are identical and staircases tend to turn back on eachother.

  • hallway in the stronghold

Creatures that can spawn in the Stronghold include Goblin Knights, Block and Chain Goblins, Creepers, Kobolds, Slime Beetles, Helmet Crabs and Redcaps. Although the reason that you’ve most likely come to the Stronghold is to defeat the Knight Phantom Boss.

The room the Knight Phantom spawns in is a big square, and features what looks like 6 different Tombs. Even though there’s 6 entities, only 1 is the real Knight Phantom, and it will dance between physical bodies.

knight phantom boss
Knight Phantom Boss

Inside the Goblin Knight Stronghold is also the only place to collect Armor Shards. They’re dropped by creatures like the Goblin Knights and Helmet Crabs. By combining them together, they can be turned into Armor Shard Clusters, and then smelted into Knightmetal Ingots.

With Knightmetal Ingots, players can craft a full set of Knightmetal Armor. There’s also a Knightmetal Sword, Block and Chain, Shield, Axe and Pickaxe.