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What is the Charm of Keeping?

The Charm of Keeping is incredibly useful. When it’s inside a players inventory, it will remember all of the armor they’re wearing, as well as the weapons they have equipped. Upon respawning, the Charm of Keeping will grant the wearer all their items back, so they aren’t lost.

However, these items are only returned when players press the ‘Respawn’ button. Exiting the death screen using any other methods will cause the Charm of Keeping to not work. It’s also worth noting that it’s a single use item, so it will be removed from the players inventory.

How to Get a Charm of Keeping

You have a chance of finding a Charm of Keeping by searching Chests inside the Twilight Forest. The item appears on loot tables, although your odds may be low. It’s worth searching structures like Labyrinths.

maze slimes
A Maze Slime in a Labyrinth

Alternatively, the Charm of Keeping can be dropped by Maze Slimes. These spawn inside Labyrinths, which are located inside of Hollow Hills in the Swamp Biome.

It took a long time for me to receive a Charm of Keeping, probably killing well over 50 Maze Slimes. They don’t deal too much damage, and act like regular Slimes, multiplying upon death.

Charm of Keeping Tiers

There are 3 tiers for the Charm of Keeping. When searching Chests or killing Maze Slimes, you’ll receive a Charm of Keeping I. 4 of these can be combined in the crafting grid to make a Charm of Keeping II. Then 4 more of these can be combined to make a Charm of Keeping III.

charm of keeping tiers
3 Tiers to the Charm of Keeping

Depending on the version that’s in your inventory, dying will have different consequences:

  1. Charm of Keeping I: Revive with equipped armor & weapons.
  2. Charm of Keeping II: Revive with equipped armor & weapons, as well as items on your hotbar.
  3. Charm of Keeping III: Revive with equipped armor & weapons, and your entire inventory.

When a Charm of Keeping is used, it’s removed from your inventory no matter the tier. So a Charm of Keeping III doesn’t become a Charm of Keeping II, for example.