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The Sunken City is a dungeon with an aquatic theme, which is filled with hostile creatures such as Deeplings and the Coralssus. Once players have crafted the Abyssal Sacrifice, they will be able to summon and fight the Leviathan, a challenging boss that requires a lot of preparation. Most of the fight will take place underwater, so players need to be well-equipped and ready to face the challenges.


Deep in Minecrafts desert biomes lies the Cursed Pyramid, a huge structure containing ancient relics, and the remains of the Ancient Remnant, a skeletal beast which must be awoken using the Cursed Necklace. Other creatures inhabit this dungeon, such as the Koboleton, who will steal items from the players hands. Defeating the Ancient Remnant will reward you with your own Modern Remnant Pet.


Underground within the Overworld lays the forgotten Ancient Factory. Here, mechanical enemies await, such as Watchers, The Prowler, and the intimidating Harbinger, the boss at this location. The Harbinger will attack targets using lasers and rockets, but is weak to EMPs which surround the Ancient Factory. Plenty of treasure awaits you here, with secret rooms and lots of harvestable blocks.


Once reaching the Nether, two dungeons will be found, with one of them being the Burning Arena, a large colosseum-like structure. Ignis can be summoned here, who is one of the most difficult bosses provided by the Cataclysm mod. Though before summoning Ignis, the Ignited Revenant must be defeated. Some powerful weapons and armor can be obtained by defeating Ignis.


The second location in the Nether is the Soul Blacksmith, which is home to the Netherite Monstrosity. Unlike other bosses, nothing is required to awaken the Monstrosity, as it will wake up as you get close. Arguably, this is one of the easiest bosses to defeat in the Cataclysm mod, provided you have fire protection due to the lava projectiles. While it also rewards useful armor and weapons.


Found sitting on an End Island is the Ruined Citadel. A location that is home to the Ender Guardian miniboss, and the Ender Golem boss. It's here that players can obtain one of the most powerful ranged weapons, the Void Core, which can summon Void Runes in a straight line. Other hostile creatures inhabit this location, such as Shulkers, and the Endermaptera, an ant-like animal.