Promenade Mod

Promenade aims to improve the diversity of your world, adding an assortment of new biomes, mobs, and decorative blocks. The changes mostly take place in the Overworld, with it feeling more like a Vanilla+ styled mod.

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Currently, there are four different styles of biomes included with Promenade, with the first being the Sakura Groves. There are two different variations of the Sakura Groves: the Blush Sakura Grove and the Cotton Sakura Grove.

Each of these biomes determines the primary color of trees, whether they’ll be more pink or white. Bush Piles scattered around the biome are also affected, and from these trees, a new style of wood can be obtained and used in your builds.

A more drastic change comes with the Carnelian Treeway, of which there is only one variant, and takes the appearance of a maple forest. Again, a new wood type can be obtained, as well as Maple Syrup which can be collected in a Glass Bottle and consumed. Obtaining Maple Syrup is done by stripping maple trees.

The final biome that’s introduced into the Overworld is the Glacarian Taiga, which becomes the coldest biome in Minecraft. Be careful here, as when it snows, your character can quickly freeze, causing you to take overwhelming amounts of damage quickly.

The Dark Amaranth Forest

Finally, there’s the Dark Amaranth Forests, which can only be found in the End. Not only does this give a new source of Wood to obtain in the End, but it also allows both Spiders and Cave Spiders to spawn here. 

If these biomes aren’t spawning in your world and can’t be found with the locate command, then you need to install the TerraBlender mod.

Changes to Existing Biomes

A few changes are made to existing biomes. In locations where desert vegetation would grow, it’s now possible to find Palm Trees, giving another style of wood. When breaking their leaves, there’s a chance they’ll drop Bananas for food.

Palm Tree in a Desert
Palm Tree in a Desert

In the Dark Forests, a new style of Witch Hut can be found, and it is the only structure added by Promenade. Inside is a Witch and potion-making supplies like a Cauldron and Brewing Stand.


One of the main reasons this mod is so popular is the addition of the Capybara. You might encounter them when exploring Swamp and River Biomes. Sadly, the Capybara can’t be tamed, so you might want to keep them enclosed.

The Capybara
The Capybara

Capybara will eat Carrots and Melon Slices and follow you when holding these food items. Feeding them to the Capybara will cause them to breed, creating the baby Capybara.

Currently, there are two variants of the Capybara: brown and albino. They’ll often fall on their side and sleep a lot. 

Hostile Mobs

Alongside passive mobs like the Capybara and Ducks, two new hostile creatures are added too. Firstly, there’s the Sunken Skeleton. These are very similar to Drowned, except they’re equipped with a Bow and Arrow instead of a Trident.

Sunken Skeletons
Sunken Skeletons

The other addition is the Lush Creeper, found in places like the Lush Caves. These creatures don’t come with any new mechanics, just an added challenge. Sunken Skeletons can swim quickly to chase their targets, and Lush Creepers can drop Bonemeal.

Promenade Mod Download

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How to Install

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