Desolation Mod

Desolation adds a new Biome to Minecraft, called the Charred Forest. Inside is some hostile mobs and polluted air, which requires some special equipment to survive in. There’s also some other items included with the mod, like Potions and Food.

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About Desolation

To get started with the Desolation mod, you’ll want to find the Charred Forest Biome. You can either stumble across it naturally, or use the /locatebiome desolation:charred_forest command.

charred forest
Charred Forest from Above

The Charred Forest is dark, with the Leaves and Logs being darker in color. These can be harvested and turned into Charred Planks, which can be used as a building material. Particles emit from the Charred Forest, like Ash.

Entering the Charred Forest can be dangerous, as hostile mobs live here. Going inside without the correct equipment will cause you to be hit by negative debuffs, like Mining Fatigue and Weakness.

Mask and Goggles Recipe

To counter these debuffs, craft a Mask from 6 Leather, 2 String and an Air Filter. Air Filters are crafted from 8 Activated Charcoal (place Charcoal in a Furnace) as well as 1 Paper in the middle slot. Wearing a Mask will prevent the Mining Fatigue and Weakness Debuffs when in the Charred Forest.

A pair of Goggles can also be created from 4 Gold Ingots, 2 Leather and 3 Glass Panes. Wearing Goggles will prevent you from receiving the Blindness Debuff instead. Both the Goggles and Mask can be combined in a Crafting Table, allowing them both to be placed in the head slot at once.


Also spawning inside the Charred Forest is Cinder Fruit, which can be broken and eaten. Doing so will provide you with some hunger, as well as a short burst of Fire Resistance.

Cinder Fruit

Alternatively, Cinder Fruit can be combined with Activated Charcoal to turn it into Infused Powder. Infused Powder can be used to create Fire Resistance Potions. Or Cinder Fruit can also be fed to Ash Scuttlers.

Also spawning around the Charred Forest is Ash Blocks. Breaking these down will eventually return you with Ash Piles, which can be thrown to hit a target with the Blindness Debuff.

Ash Blocks

Ash Piles can also be combined with Activated Charcoal to turn them into Primed Ash. Instead, these can be used as an ingredient to brew Potions of Blindness.


There are currently 2 new creatures included with Desolation. The first is the Blackened, which looks like a burned Skeleton. As an attack, they’ll throw Ash Piles which can blind you, so make sure you’re wearing a Mask.

The Blackened

They drop Bones, Ash Piles and rarely, a Heart of Cinder. A Heart of Cinder can be used to brew a new Potion provided by Desolation, called the Potion of Cinder Soul.

Another creature you can find is the Ash Scuttler, though these are currently missing from the Forge version of Desolation. They’re passive, and when fed Cinder Fruit, they’ll dig in nearby Ash Piles, producing a random item for the player.

Desolation Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.18.2No Release
1.19.2No Release

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How to Install

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