Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a breath-taking world where you can wander through the lush forests of the Wisteria Woods, ride Golden Moas across islands in search of Olvite for a new armor set, or fight off the seemingly adorable but dangerous Hellenroses.

Inspired by the Aether, this mod is currently under development but plans to include more structures, dungeons, and armor sets on the way.

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Portal to the Paradise Lost Dimension

Like many new dimensions in Minecraft, you’ll need to make a Portal. With this mod inspired by the Aether, creating the Portal is the same process. All you need is some Glowstone Blocks (at least 10, but 14 for a complete frame) and a Bucket of Water.

Portal to Paradise Lost
Portal to Paradise Lost

Plant the Glowstone Blocks as you would for a Nether Portal (two wide and three high), and fill the entrance with the Bucket of Water. You’re now ready to enter Paradise Lost.

This mod is also supposedly compatible with the Immersive Portals mod, which allows you to seamlessly enter Portals and even look into them, though it can be buggy. You might need to enter and exit the portal a few times for the mod to work.


The Moa is a tameable bird-like creature with a glide ability, making travel between islands much more manageable. You can glide by holding SPACEBAR, similar to when riding a Horse and you want it to jump. 

The Moa
The Moa

Though they don’t seem to be able to gain momentum while in the air, and they’ll need to land again before you can take off again, so make sure not to fly them into the void. They come in different colors, with each color having an additional strength, as detailed below:

  • (Common) Blue – Running Speed
  • Mint Green – Flying Speed
  • Golden and Tangerine – Jump Strength
  • Strawberry Pink – Glide Decay Rate

But before being able to ride a Moa, you will first need to tame them. You only need to feed it some cooked or uncooked meat and then equip it with a Saddle. You can even fit it with a Chest, allowing it to have storage, and you’re good to go.

Additionally, two Moas can be bred by feeding each one an Orange. Oranges can be found within the Paradise Lost dimension, specifically on Orange Trees, though rare and more common within the colder biomes. 

The Moa will lay an egg, which you’ll need to incubate in an incubator. Incubators are easy to craft, requiring just 2 Planks and a Hay Bale. When placed down, you can put the Moa Egg inside the Incubator.

It’s a good idea to incubate the egg in a warmer biome to speed up the hatching process. The color of the Moa that hatches will be determined by a random flip of a coin but will always match one of the two parents.

Olvite, Weapons, and Armor

Olvite is currently the only available tier for armor and weaponry within Paradise Lost, with the next update expected to contain two new and exciting armor sets. To find Olvite, watch for Floestone and look out for Olvite ore within it.

Olvite Armor
Olvite Armor

The easiest way to find Olvite would be by checking the edges of floating islands, which should be easily visible. You’ll only need an iron-tier pickaxe or better to mine this ore. Olvite armor and weaponry have quite a rustic appearance, with its capabilities on par with the iron tier. All you’ll need to make it is Olvite, a Crafting Table, and maybe some sticks.

Levitator Block

One of the more exciting blocks provided by Paradise Lost is the Cloud Levator. You’ll need 4 Floestone Bricks, 2 Redstone Dust, a Blue Cloud, and 2 Planks of any type to craft it.

Most of these items can be found within the Paradise Lost dimension, though you’ll need to craft Floestone Bricks by smelting Floestone Cobblestone into standard Floestone and then combining four into Floestone Bricks.

Levitator Recipe
Cloud Levitator Recipe

When the Cloud Levitator block is placed down, it can be activated using Redstone, the most useful being a Button. Once triggered, it will launch into the air, reaching the sky limit unless stopped. Players can stand on the Cloud Levitator and travel with it. But other entities, and even blocks, can be placed on it to transport them.

If you stand on the Cloud Levitator while it launches upwards, then you’ll reach the sky limit, it will break, and you’ll fall back to the surface, possibly taking lethal amounts of damage. That’s where the parachute can come in handy, as it will cause you to glide back down. 

One way of stopping the Cloud Levitator from reaching the sky limit is by placing a block above it somewhere, which will cause it to quit instead. However, it might be challenging to jump off, as you can take suffocation damage. To drive the Cloud Levitator downwards instead, you’ll want to have it collide with a Gold Cloud block.

One of the most valuable ways of using the Cloud Levitator is to gain height. Going to the sky limit, you could use the Parachute to glide back down. Or you can even use an Elytra, allowing you to travel greater distances, even in locations like the Overworld.


Three different Bloodstones are available, made from Cherine, Olvite, and Abstentine. One of the most useful is the Cherine Bloodstone, which can be used to see the stats of any creature in Minecraft, such as their health, damage, and defense. 

Moa Stats
Moa Stats

Olvite Bloodstones work exclusively on Moas for now and can be extremely useful when choosing your Moa, as they will show you stats like health, speed, and unique strengths. Made from Olvite and a stick, you equip it and right-click next to a Moa to see its stats.


The colorful clouds in Paradise Lost are more than just aesthetics. Each color can be mined and collected, with different colors having effects when you land on them. The types of clouds are as follows:

  • Cold (White) Clouds: The least exciting but can save your life if you’re falling, acting as semi-solid blocks that break your fall – expect to sink into them slightly.
  • Blue Clouds: This will cause you to bounce back up in the air about 20 blocks. These can be useful for acting as an elevator or preventing fall damage.
  • Golden clouds: Sends you back to the overworld (or into the ground) at rocket speed. Golden clouds can be especially hard to mine, so it’s recommended to search for golden clouds close to the floor, build your way up to them, and collect them from underneath. Be careful not to jump into the cloud, as it’s a surefire way to get jet-propelled into the ground.
  • Pink Clouds: While currently unavailable in modern versions of Paradise Lost, pink clouds will heal the players passing through them. 

The resources mined from these clouds can be used to create parachutes. While less effective than Moa’s, they can still be used to glide between islands. Parachutes can be equipped by going to equip it as a chest item, and the back trinket slot will appear, where you can place it when needed. You can only use Cold (White) and Golden Clouds to make these parachutes, with the other cloud blocks having no utility yet. 

Paradise Lost Mod Download

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