Paragliders Mod

Paragliders adds 2 different Gliders into Minecraft, which are inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They allow you to soar from great heights, without taking fall damage. There’s even an included Stamina system, which is completely optional.

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Paraglider Recipe

A regular Paraglider can be crafted from 3 Leather and 5 Sticks, so they should be obtainable relatively early on in your Minecraft playthrough. They don’t have any durability either, so you can expect to use them constantly.

Paraglider Recipe
Paraglider Recipe

To use the Paraglider, place it on a slot in your hotbar. When falling, you can scroll to this slot and your character will automatically deploy the Paraglider, allowing you to slowly descend. It will prevent fall damage, and also makes for good transportation.

Deku Leaf Recipe
Deku Leaf Recipe

Alternatively, a Deku Leaf can be crafted by placing a Leaf Block alongside the Paraglider in a Crafting window. It works the same as the Paraglider, except it’s just a different design.

Dyes can be applied to Paragliders to make them more unique, and it’s possible to ascend with them if you can find wind particles to fly into.

Stamina System

Later versions of the Paragliders mod includes a Stamina system. It’s only activated when using a Paraglider and adds more of a challenge. Again, the Stamina system is inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild and uses similar assets.

Stamina System

When using a Paraglider, a circle shows up on the left side of the screen. Once it empties, the Paraglider will no longer be deployed, and you’ll hit the ground, possibly causing you to die.

A great way to prevent this is to stop using the Paraglider so that you freefall, and then deploy it when you’re very close to the ground. Alternatively, the Stamina system can be disabled altogether in the mod’s config. Or it can be enabled for running and swimming too.


With the mod installed, you might come across Spirit Orbs in your world. They have a chance of spawning inside of Chest, but can also be obtained from breaking Spawners. Collect these, as they can be used for trading.

A Statue

Inside Villages, Goddess Statues can spawn in small structures. Right-click on them to interact with them, which opens a trading window.

The Goddess Statue sells different Heart and Stamina Vessels. They can be purchased using Spirit Orbs and will increase your maximum health and maximum stamina.

Paragliders Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.20.XForge Fabric

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How to Install

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