Lovely Snails Mod

From now on, you’ll be able to find Snails roaming throughout your Minecraft world. Players can discover Snails in the Swamp, Dark Forest, and Mushroom Field Biomes, and while they’re adorable, they can also be tamed by players.

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Taming & Riding Snails

When you’ve found a Snail, you’ll want to keep it in a safe area to start the taming process. Scared Snails will be scared of hostile mobs or if they’re attacked, and they will hide in their Shell to stay safe.

untamed snail
An Untamed Snail

Taming a Snail can be done by feeding them either Red or Brown Mushrooms. You’ll know when a Snail is tamed, as hearts will radiate from it, and you can receive the ‘Best Friends Forever’ advancement. However, they won’t follow you as other tamed creatures do. Therefore it might be a good idea to lock them in an area.

By sneaking and right-clicking a tamed Snail, you can access a slot where you can add Carpets, which will drape over the Snail. Doing so will cause the Snail to feel appreciated and increase its fondness for you.

snail with equipped carpet
Snail With a Carpet

Taking care of a Snail will cause it to grow into a Big Snail, eventually. To do so, give them a Carpet, right-click a Snail to pet it, and hit them with a Splash Water Bottle to ensure they stay hydrated. Feeding them can be done by giving them Grass, Fern, or Kelp.

These tasks will need to be completed multiple times before the Snail grows. When it does grow, it will drop a Slimeball, which can be mounted by right-clicking on it.

large snail
Large Snail With Saddle and 3 Chests

Like other tameable mounts, it will need to be equipped with a Saddle. Open a Large Snails inventory by sneaking and right clicking it. For storage, they can also be equipped with 3 Chests, or 2 Chests and 1 Ender Chest. In total, they give 15 storage slots which are spread across multiple tabs.

Lovely Snails Mod Download

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How to Install

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