Creeper Overhaul Mod

Creeper Overhaul introduces lots of new Creeper species, which are biome-dependent. These aren’t just texture overhauls, as the models of Creepers are also changed, as well as their behavior.

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Creeper Types

Depending on the Biome, a Creeper can now spawn as many different styles. They have their own Spawn Eggs too, and regular Creepers that exist in Vanilla Minecraft are still able to spawn.

Creepers in the Badlands and Desert both have a Tiny Cactus on top of their head. You can obtain this, and wear it yourself by using Shears on those Creepers.

Some Creepers even have different behaviors. One example is the Snowy Creeper, which is quite cute. If you come across this Creeper, it will be neutral, and won’t attack the player unless they’re attacked first.

They won’t explode either, as they use melee attacks. Whereas when it comes to Bamboo Creepers, they might attack you, but they’re afraid of Pandas.

In total, there’s 14 new Creepers. These are for the Jungle, Bamboo, Desert, Badlands, Hills, Savannah, Mushroom, Swamp, Dripstone, Cave, Dark Oak, Spruce, Beach and Snowy.

Creeper Overhaul Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
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1.16.5No Release
1.17.1No Release

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How to Install

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