Queen Bee Mod

The Queen Bee is a new mini-boss, who can be found inside a giant Hive. She has a pretty drawn-out fight, but if she’s defeated, there are some special items to obtain, like a Sword and Antennas.

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Bee Hive

To find the Queen Bee, you’ll need to find her Big Hive. It’s a structure that can spawn naturally and looks like the image below. If you have cheats enabled, then the Hive can be spawned by typing the /beehive command.

The Big Hive
The Big Hive

Inside the structure is the Queen Bee. There are also lots of regular Bees. Loot-wise, you can find Chests surrounding the edges of the Hive, with lots of Honey-related blocks too.

The Queen Bee

Inside the Hive is the Queen Bee, and a load of regular Bees. They’re all going to be passive. However, once you hit the Queen, then they’ll all become hostile immediately, and the fight will begin.

The Queen Bee
The Queen Bee

Throughout the fight, the Queen Bee will constantly hit the player with the Poison and Nausea effects. So make sure to have good equipment for the fight, as well as Potions and food.

The Queen will also summon more Bees throughout the fight. In total, she has 100 HP, and quite a lot of resistance, so be prepared.


The first item that can be obtained through this mod is the Stinger Sword, and it spawns inside the Hive. It has a higher attack speed than other Swords and is also able to inflict Nausea and Poison onto your targets.

Queen Bee Loot
Queen Bee Loot

Killing the Queen Bee will give you her Antennas, which can be equipped into the head slot. Wearing these will prevent other Bees from attacking you.

However, if you have the Antenna equipped and you right-click with the Stiner Sword, then you’ll summon a friendly Bee who’ll give you the Regeneration effect for a few seconds. Finally, the Bee can drop her Stinger, which can be eaten. Or they can be used to create Poisonous Potions.

Queen Bee Mod Download

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How to Install

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