Spiny Shell

Spiny Shells are a new item the Born in Chaos mod in Minecraft provides. They’re used to craft some new items, including some armor pieces, a trap, and a weapon.

Obtaining Spiny Shells

To obtain a Spiny Shell, players should search for Thornshell Crabs, which have a chance of spawning in Minecrafts coastal areas, such as in beach biomes. These creatures aren’t hostile and are safe to go near.

Thornshell Crabs are known for their high defenses, boasting 25 health points and 10 armor points. If you’re looking to get your hands on some Spiny Shells, you have two options.

The Thornshell Crab
The Thornshell Crab

Firstly, you can feed them either Rotten Fish or Rotten Flesh, which will cause them to drop Bonemeal more often, with occasional drops of Spiny Shells. You can also choose to kill them instead, with them dropping between 2 and 4 Spiny Shells.

However, do be careful while fighting the Thornshell Crab. They deal retaliatory damage, meaning every time you damage them, you’ll receive damage in return, even if it’s using ranged attacks. The only way to prevent this damage is by wearing Spiny Shell Armor.

Using Spiny Shells

Spiny Shells can be used to create four different items, the first of which is the Spiny Shell Armor. This set of armor only consists of a Helmet and Chestplate. Wearing one of these two pieces will deal 2 retaliatory damage to targets. The effect is increased to 4 if both pieces are worn.

This effect can be further amplified by applying the Thorns Enchantment to the pieces, which can increase retaliatory damage to a total of 10. Wearing both pieces will also make you immune to the retaliatory damage from Thornshell Crabs and damage from Spiny Shell Traps.

Two can also be used to create a Spiny Shell Trap, which can be placed underwater or above ground. These deal damage to targets who stand on it, with the effect being similar to Cactus Spikes. Targets will also be slightly slowed.

Finally, Spiny Shells can be used to craft the Shell Mace, which also requires two Bone Handles. It deals additional damage when you are either standing in water or in the rain, and the Mace can also ignore an opponent’s armor.