Monster Skin

Monster Skin is a crafting ingredient mainly used to create Nightmare Armor and Dark Metal Plates. It’s dropped by certain creatures from the Born in Chaos mod, and can be quite hard to come by.

Obtaining Monster Skin

Monster Skin can only be obtained by slaying certain creatures from the Born in Chaos mod. Specifically, you should hunt and kill the Dire Hound Leader, Dread Hound, and Nightmare Stalker.

Dread Hound & Monster Skin
Dread Hound & Monster Skin

Most will be obtained by slaying the Dire Hound Leader, as it always spawns alongside two additional Dread Hounds. However, their spawn rate and chances of finding them is quite rare. Hunting the Nightmare Stalker is also a good idea, as it will spawn in your world after three in-game days.

MobMonster Skin
Dire Hound Leader3-6 (100%)
Dread Hound1 (50%)
Nightmare Stalker2-3 (45%)

Using Monster Skin

When three Monster Skin are combined with six Dark Metal Ingots, it creates a Dark Metal Armor Plate. Four of these are required to upgrade Netherite Armor in the Smithing Table, turning it into the Dark Metal set. This set will make you immune to the Wither effect, and cause you to go on a rampage when your health is low.

Dark Metal Armor Recipe
Dark Metal Armor Recipe

Monster Skin is also required to create the Nightmare set of armor. Specifically, you’ll need to collect nineteen Monster Skin to craft the full set, while also slaying the Nightmare Stalker to obtain his Skull.

Wearing the Nightmare Mask will give improved movement speed in the dark. However, wearing the complete set of Nightmare Armor will give multiple benefits, such as resistance to the Magic Depletion debuff. Some weapons will fire faster, while also becoming much stronger.

Crafting Nightmare Armor is the most powerful set of armor that can be obtained from the Born in Chaos mod. While there’s no way to craft Monster Skin, it can be placed in a Crafting Table to turn it into two pieces of standard Leather.