Sir Pumpkinhead

Sir Pumpkinhead is a boss who’s included in the Born in Chaos mod. It has a chance of randomly spawning in your world during a certain time of the year but can also be manually summoned using the Infernal Evil Pumpkin.

Summoning Sir Pumpkinhead

As previously mentioned, Sir Pumpkinhead can spawn naturally in the game world. However, this can only happen between October 25th and November 5th to celebrate Halloween.

However, you might find the Infernal Evil Pumpkin spawning in your world, surrounded by Candles. To find this structure, you should look during the night, and it seems to spawn in most Minecrafts biomes.

Infernal Evil Pumpkin Structure
Infernal Evil Pumpkin Structure

After destroying the Infernal Evil Pumpkin in the center of the candles, Sir Pumpkinhead will spawn in its place. Sir Pumpkinhead has 160 health in total, and 9 armor points. However, there are multiple phases to the fight, and the amount of health will change.

Fighting Sir Pumpkinhead

During the first phase of the fight, Sir Pumpkinhead will be riding the Felsteed. He’ll repeatedly dash around, inflicting melee attacks onto you, which can slow your movement speed. Sir Pumpkinhead will also periodically summon Mr. Pumpkins, which are small, slow-flying creatures.

Some attacks will also inflict you with Soul Stratification, which is a debuff. When it expires, quite a lot of damage will be inflicted on the player, so it’s important to maintain health regeneration.

Once Sir Pumpkinhead reaches around 30 health, he will jump from his Felsteed, which will now chase and attack you. While Sir Pumpkinhead himself will walk towards you, and fire explosions at you using the Pumpkin Staff.

Sir Pumpkinhead during Phase Two
Sir Pumpkinhead during Phase Two

During this phase, Sir Pumpkinhead has 120 Health, and the Felsteed has 60. Sir Pumpkinhead will still summon Mr. Pumpkins and will periodically teleport away. Focus on taking out the horse, then Sir Pumpkinhead.

After defeating Sir Pumpkinhead again, his head will detach from his body, and you’ll have to fight both. The body has 70 Health, and the head has 65 Health. Like in the first phase, the body can hit you with Soul Stratification, dealing lots of damage when it expires. Whereas the head fires explosions at you.

Phase Three of Sir Pumpkinhead
Phase Three of Sir Pumpkinhead

Take out the body, then focus on the head. Each time the head is attacked, it will attempt to teleport away. But overall, the fight isn’t too difficult. Make sure to bring a Totem of Undying, some Golden Apples, and appropriate armor.

Loot & Rewards

Three items are dropped by Sir Pumpkinhead. The first is the Fel Lamp, which can be right-clicked to summon the Felsteed, the mount ridden by Sir Pumpkinhead. By sneaking and right-clicking the Felsteed again with the Fel Lamp, you can place its soul inside until you want to use it again.

Sir Pumpkinhead Rewards

A melee weapon, the Soul Saber is dropped, which applies the Soul Stratification effect onto targets, slowing them and dealing additional damage after a short amount of time. And finally, players can receive the Pumpkin Staff, which fires explosive Pumpkins at targets, at the cost of Pumpkin Seeds.

Soul Saber100%
Pumpkin Staff100%
Holiday Candy (16-32)66%
Fel Lamp29%
Music Disc – Ankula4%