Nightmare Stalker

The Nightmare Stalker is a miniboss that will appear in your game world after a few days. It’s one of the few harder mobs the Born in Chaos mod provides.

Finding the Nightmare Stalker

After your first few in-game days (around 3), a message will appear in the chat stating, “You feel like something is chasing you…” accompanied by a roaring sound. This indicates that the Nightmare Stalker can now spawn in your world and will be able to hunt and attack you.

Nightmare Stalkers Glowing Eyes
Nightmare Stalkers Glowing Eyes

In those first few days, have a base and basic equipment to fight the Nightmare Stalker. It isn’t guaranteed to appear on day 3; it will only be able to spawn after that. You could come across multiple Nightmare Stalkers in a single night or even one in an entire week. 

The easiest way to spot one is to wait until nighttime and explore your surroundings. Look for a pair of glowing eyes, which indicate the Nightmare Stalker, who will be invisible otherwise.

Close-up of the Nightmare Stalker
Close-up of the Nightmare Stalker

While invisible, the Nightmare Stalker has increased movement speed and can chase you far away (up to 70 blocks). When the Nightmare Stalker is attacked, it will lose its invisibility.

The Nightmare Stalker has 70 Health and 4 Armor. As it fights, it will hit you with the Gaze of Terror debuff. This will cause blindness and allow it to regenerate health. As time progresses in your Minecraft world, the Nightmare Stalker will become stronger, with it reaching its maximum strength around day 100.

Nightmare Stalker Loot

Multiple items are dropped by the Nightmare Stalker, including the Nightmare Claw. These are used in multiple recipes, including the Soul Saber, Dark Ritual Dagger, Nightmare Scythe, and Potion of Rampage. Other generic ingredients dropped include Monster Skin and Pieces of Dark Metal. 

Wearing the Nightmare Mask
Wearing the Nightmare Mask

The main item dropped is the Nightmare Stalker Skull. It’s used to create the Nightmare Mask when combined with Monster Skin and Pieces of Dark Metal. When wearing the Nightmare Mask, movement speed increases in the dark.

Nightmare Claw100%
Monster Skin (2-3)45%
Piece of Dark Metal (1-2)18%
Monster Flesh (1-3)36%
Nightmare Stalker Skull9.1%
Ethereal Spirit (0-1)90%