Pumpkin Staff

The Pumpkin Staff is one of the most sought-after weapons from the Born in Chaos mod. Requiring ammunition, it can fire explosions at targets, dealing high amounts of damage.

Obtaining the Pumpkin Staff

The Pumpkin Staff is a guaranteed drop from Sir Pumpkinhead. This is one of the main bosses provided by the Born in Chaos mod, and shouldn’t be attempted until players have appropriate equipment.

Sir Pumpkinhead
Sir Pumpkinhead

Sir Pumpkinhead only spawns naturally around Halloween. Outside of the holiday, players must find a shrine, made up from an Infernal Evil Pumpkin, and destroy it, which will summon Sir Pumpkinhead.

There are multiple phases to the fight. During one, Sir Pumpkinhead will use the Pumpkin Staff to attack the player. After the boss has been defeated, Sir Pumpkinhead will drop the Pumpkin Staff, alongside the Fel Lamp and Soul Saber.

Pumpkin Staff Usage

To use the Pumpkin Staff, you’ll need to have Pumpkin Seeds in your inventory, which are used to power it. However, each time it’s fired, there’s a 35% chance for a Pumpkin Seed not to be consumed.

When aimed at a target, the Pumpkin Staff will launch an explosion at an enemy, dealing around 12 damage. There is a short cool-down before it can be cast again, and the explosion won’t destroy any blocks.

Using the Pumpkin Staff
Using the Pumpkin Staff

If you shoot at a block instead, such as the ground, then a Mr. Pumpkin will be summoned to that location. These are flying companions that are quite slow. Though they can attack targets, hitting them with debuffs, which deal damage and prevent them from blocking attacks.

Summoning a Mr. Pumpkin will give you the Magic Drain debuff for around 25 seconds. During this time, it won’t be possible to summon additional Mr. Pumpkins. Any summoned Mr. Pumpkins will disappear after 2 minutes of being alive.

When wearing a complete set of Nightmare Armor, the delay between attacks when using the Pumpkin Staff will be reduced. The explosion power will also be slightly increased. The Pumpkin Staff doesn’t need to be charged up like a Bow; it can quickly fire by just pressing right-click.