The Missionary is a Pillager-themed miniboss included with the Born in Chaos mod. It appears naturally in the game world, and isn’t summoned manually, unlike Sir Pumpkinhead.

Finding the Missionary

The Missionary is a Spirit and will only appear in your game world naturally after day 10. You can check your day number at any time by pressing F3, and changing the game time using commands may cause this boss (and others) not to spawn.

The Missionary
The Missionary

After day 10, you can explore your surroundings and hope the Missionary has spawned nearby. It’s easy to spot due to its height, around twice the player’s size. When the Missionary does spawn, it will be accompanied by 2 Zombie Villagers.

Fighting the Missionary

In total, the Missionary has 150 Health and 10 Armor points. During the fight, the Missionary will attempt to fire projectiles at the player from its staff. If they hit, Evoker Fangs will be summoned under the players’ feet, dealing high amounts of damage.

The Missionary will also be able to change the weather, causing it to rain. This will benefit the Missionary, as it repeatedly summons hostile mobs like Decrecepit Skeletons and Zombie Villagers. Occasionally, the Missionary will also teleport away from attacks.

Missionary in Combat
Missionary in Combat

One of the easiest ways to beat the Missionary is to use the Pumpkin Staff, which will deal large amounts of damage to it quickly. If the Missionary is hit with Magic Drain, with items such as the Nightmare Scythe, then the ability to teleport and summon hostile creatures will be removed.

Missionary Rewards

Like with other mobs from Born in Chaos, the Missionary will likely drop some Pieces of Dark Metal, which are valuable. Quite a few Ethereal Spirits can also be dropped, which are used to create the Death Totem, Infernal Evil Pumpkin, and Bottle of Magic Energy. They must also recharge the Fel Lamp and Lord Pumpkinhead’s Lamp.

Charms and Ethereal Spirits
Charms and Ethereal Spirits

The Missionary can also drop Charms, of which there are multiple types. These include the Charm of Strength, Resistance, Stealth, Endurance, and Fury. These can be activated from the Hotbar, requiring Ethereal Spirits to trigger.

Charm of Strength21%
Charm of Resistance21%
Charm of Stealth21%
Charm of Endurance21%
Charm of Fury14%
Ethereal Spirit (3)86%
Orb of the Summoner13%
Piece of Dark Metal (7-10)83%
Pile of Dark Metal16%