Lord Pumpkinhead

After defeating Sir Pumpkinhead, players can take up another challenge: summon Lord Pumpkinhead. It’s designed to be a late-game boss within Born in Chaos, so high-level equipment is required.

Summoning Lord Pumpkinhead

Like Sir Pumpkinhead, Lord Pumpkinhead must be summoned by interacting with an Infernal Evil Pumpkin. However, this time, you can use a Pumpkin that you’ve crafted yourself instead of relying on finding it in the game world. 

By destroying the Infernal Evil Pumpkin, Sir Pumpkinhead will be summoned. This time, you want to interact with it while holding a Transmuting Elixir, which will cause Lord Pumpkinhead to be summoned instead.

Transmuting Elixir Recipe
Transmuting Elixir Recipe

The Transmuting Elixir can be difficult to craft, requiring a few new ingredients from the Born in Chaos mod. The Seed of Chaos can be obtained from Barrel Zombies, Bonescaller, and Fallen Chaos Knights. Holiday Candy has a high chance of dropping from Sir Pumpkinhead after defeating him. 

Intoxicating Decoction can be obtained by killing Zombie Clowns. Marigolds have a high chance of dropping from the Spirit Guide. So it might take a while to be able to obtain all of these materials.

Lord Pumpkinhead shouldn’t be summoned until you’re ready, as it’s a difficult boss to beat. Your Transmuting Elixir will also be consumed, so it will go to waste if you fail to beat Lord Pumpkinhead, and more will need to be made in the future.

Fighting Lord Pumpkinhead

Like with Sir Pumpkinhead, there are three phases to the fight with Lord Pumpkinhead. You’ll need the right gear to be able to defeat all three phases, and food/potions to sustain health regeneration.

Phase One

During the first phase, Lord Pumpkinhead will have 600 Health and 12 Armor points, and he will be riding the Felsteed. He will chase and attack with melee while also being able to teleport away occasionally.

Successful hits will apply Soul Stratification, which slows movement speed and deals damage once the debuff expires. Infernal Flame is also applied, which continuously deals fire damage, and you should aim to negate this with Fire Resistance.

Lord Pumpkinhead - Phase One
Lord Pumpkinhead – Phase One

Periodically, Lord Pumpkinhead will summon Senor Pumpkins, which are stronger versions of Mr Pumpkin, with them each having 35 health. Alternatively, he might summon Pumpkin Bombs instead, which explode, dealing damage and applying Soul Stratification to everyone around.

Once Lord Pumpkinheads health has dropped below half, he will begin to apply the Living Bomb effect to targets. This causes an explosion to hit the target it’s applied to once the debuff expires. After Lord Pumpkinheads health reaches around 30, phase two will begin.

Phase Two

During phase two, Lord Pumpkinhead will dismount from his Felsteed. Both will attack at the same time. The Felsteed has 200 Health and 12 Armor points, whereas Sir Pumpkinhead has 300 Health and 6 Armor points during this part of the fight.

Alongside his melee weapon, Lord Pumpkinhead now has a Pumpkin Pistol, allowing him to do ranged attacks. The Felsteed will also charge at you, repeatedly stunning you, which can get tiring fast. It’s a good idea to cheese this part of the fight by building a tower while dealing with the Felsteed, so it can’t stun you.

Lord Pumpkinhead - Phase Two
Lord Pumpkinhead – Phase Two

The Pumpkin Pistol can fire shots in quick succession without any need to reload. One way to counter it is by using a Shield and trying to block most of the shots. If you are hit by the Pumpkin Pistol, you’ll be knocked back quite a lot, and receive the Infernal Flame debuff again.

Lord Pumpkinhead will repeatedly teleport away again. Senor Pumpkins will also be summoned, as well as Pumpkin Bombs. After reaching around 20 health, the third and final phase will take place.

Phase Three

During the final phase, Lord Pumpkinhead’s head will separate from his body, and both need to be fought. The body, Lord the Headless, has 200 Health and 12 Armor points, while the head has 160 Health and 4 Armor Points.

Lord the Headless will chase you while dual-wielding Soulbane. When these attacks hit, players will be inflicted with both Infernal Flame and Soul Stratification. Whereas the head will fire projectiles that are similar to the Pumpkin Pistol.

Lord Pumpkinhead - Phase Three
Lord Pumpkinhead – Phase Three

They’ll knock you back and give you the Infernal Flame debuff. Each time the head is hit, it will teleport away to another location and leave behind Pumpkin Bombs. Once the head is killed, the boss will be defeated. Overall, the fight is quite difficult, and Lord Pumpkinhead has 1460 health after all the phases.

Loot & Rewards

Once defeated, Lord Pumpkinhead will drop both his weapons. These are the Soulbane and Pumpkin Pistol. Soulbane can be used to apply Soul Stratification and Infernal Flame onto targets. Whereas the Pumpkin Pistol requires Pumpkin Seeds, will cause an explosion at a location, and inflict targets with Infernal Flame.

There is a 50% chance that Lord Pumpkinhead’s Lamp will drop. This can be used to summon a Felsteed, which is slightly stronger than the one summoned with Sir Pumpkinhead’s Lamp. Finally, you can receive between 20 and 45 Magical Holiday Candy.