Dark Metal

Dark Metal is a crafting ingredient provided by the Born in Chaos mod. It’s very important, and used in many recipes, mostly for creating some new armor and weapons included with the mod.

Obtaining Dark Metal

There are multiple types of Dark Metal, which determines the quantity in which they can be collected. Mobs will either drop Pieces of Dark Metal or Piles of Dark Metal. 9 Pieces of Dark Metal can be turned into a Pile of Dark Metal, and vice versa.

Pieces and Piles of Dark Metal
Pieces and Piles of Dark Metal

Creatures from the Born in Chaos mod will drop both Pieces and Piles of Dark Metal when they’re slain. These include Barrel Zombies, Bonescaller, Door Knights, Diamond Termites, Missionary, Nightmare Stalker, Skeleton Thrasher, Spirit Guide, and Zombie Bruiser.

However, the chances of them dropping Dark Metal aren’t always guaranteed, as they have a drop chance. The chances might range from 0.4% all the way up to 90%, depending on the mob.

MobPieces of Dark Metal
Barrel Zombie1 (0.4%)
Bonescaller1 (7.7%)
Diamond Termite1 (9.1%)
Door Knight1 (8.1%)
Fallen Chaos Knight2-5 (90%)
Missionary7-10 (83%)
Nightmare Stalker1-2 (18%)
Skeleton Thrasher1-3 (70%)
Spirit Guide1 (6.3%)
Zombie Bruiser1-2 (19%)

The table above shows all the mobs that currently drop Pieces of Dark Metal. Piles of Dark Metal can be dropped by the Fallen Chaos Knight (9.1%), the Missionary (16%), and the Skeleton Thrasher (7.1%).

Using Dark Metal

As they are, Pieces of Dark Metal are used to create the Nightmare Mask, Nightmare Boots, and Bone Handle. Nine can also be combined to create a Pile of Dark Metal. Piles of Dark Metal aren’t used in any crafting recipes. However, they can be placed inside a Blast Furnace to create a Dark Metal Ingot.

Dark Metal Ingots are used to craft weapons such as the Soul Saber, Sharpened Dark Metal Sword, Nightmare Scythe, Intoxicating Dagger, and Great Reaper Axe. They’re also used in creating Nightmare Robe, Nightmare Pants, and the Dark Grid.

When Dark Metal Ingots are combined with Monster Skin, they create Dark Metal Armor Plates. Inside a Smithing Table, these can be combined with Netherite Armor to create the Dark Metal Armor set, which comes with a set bonus.

Dark Metal Armor Set
Dark Metal Armor Set

Nine Dark Metal Ingots can also be combined in a Crafting Table to create a Dark Metal Block. Two powerful weapons can be crafted using these, which are the Dark Warblade and the Skullbreaker Hammer. Dark Metal is very important, and used in various core recipes from the Born in Chaos mod. It’s worth trying to collect and store as much as possible.