Best Survival Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Installing some of these mods will help make Minecraft feel like a survival game. Whether it be improving companions, adding survival mechanics or new ways of surviving!

Surviving in Minecraft is really easily, especially after completing the game already. This list is going to showcase some mods which really improve the Survival aspect of the game. Whether it be through new creatures, mechanics or items.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Blood Moon

From now on, a Blood Moon will have a 5% chance of spawning in your world each night. Although this value can be configured to a liking of your choosing.

If you don’t know how a Blood Moon works, they make surviving some nights extremely difficult. During a Blood Moon, hostile creatures like Creepers, Skeletons and Zombies are able to spawn much closer to the player.

To make it even harder, the spawn limit of monsters is also increased, so you can expect to find a lot more of them during the night. Don’t think that sleeping will save you, as sleeping is also prevented during a Blood Moon.

Doggy Talents

doggy talents mod

Exploring and surviving in Minecraft is always better with a loyal Wolf companion. Although their AI isn’t the best, so improving on Dogs is always better with the Doggy Talents mod.

Now, Dogs can have a level which can be increased using treats. Doing so, you’ll be able to teach a Dog some new tricks, such as it being able to catch fish, hunt for Creepers and you’ll even be able to ride your Dog.

Through the Texture Index, the texture of a Dog can be changed, to look like lots of real-life breeds. Whereas the mod also includes an assortment of Dog-related items, like Beds, trackable Collars and more.

Progressive Bosses

With Progressive Bosses, you can defeat the Ender Dragon and Wither multiple times, with more of a challenge. Each time you kill these Bosses, they’ll respawn with a higher difficulty, meaning more maximum health and health regeneration.

There’s also some new abilities, like both creatures being able to summon minions. These could be in the form of Wither Skeletons and Shulker Boxes.

In the End, each time the Ender Dragon fight happens, more cages will spawn around End Crystals. Changes are also made to the Guardian, so that it’s more difficult to beat.

Tough as Nails

Tough As Nails mod

The first feature added by Tough as Nails is a Body Temperature system. Depending on the equipment you’re wearing, or the Biome you’re in, your character might get too hot or cold. They’ll receive Hyperthermia, or Hypothermia.

Likewise, there’s a Thirst system, which compliments hunger. Certain foods and liquids can be consumed to ensure your character doesn’t get thirsty. Surviving in Minecraft is going to be a more tough and grueling experience.

There’s a few items included with Tough as Nails to help with these mechanics. Slime Armor can cool you down, whereas Wool Armor can warm you up. Carrying a Canteen filled with Water will help with thirst too.

First Aid

first aid mod

With First Aid, Minecrafts health system is completely replaced. It replicates something you might know from many RPG games, like Fallout 4 or New Vegas. Firstly, you’ll notice that the health bar has been removed.

Instead, First Aid will add a UI element to the top corner of your screen, showing your Minecraft character and their limbs. Now, each body part is able to be damaged, and will have effects. For example, injuring your leg will apply movement impairing effects, like Slowness.

Using items like Bandages, Plasters and Morphine, you’ll be able to heal individual body parts. Overall, it adds a more realistic health system to Minecraft, and feels more immersive.

Starter Kit

starter kit mod

Starter Kit is pretty simple. When starting up a world, you’ll immediately spawn with some equipment, like a Wooden Sword or some Leather Armor. Though the mod is completely customizable, and it’s recommended to do so.

Using a mod like Starter Kit should hopefully make survival a little easier. Especially when combined with some other mods in this list. You might want to make sure you spawn with some Bandages, or Water.

Travelers Backpack

travelers backpack mod

Travelers Backpack is likely Minecrafts best backpack mod. It’s great for survival, as you can carry more items that you might need on adventures.

There’s a lot of great functionalities to the Travelers Backpack. Inside, it has a built in Crafting Table, so you can craft on the move. But there’s also slots for tools, a Sleeping Bag as well as liquid tanks.

Although the best feature of all is that the Travelers Backpack is rendered on the players back. It isn’t equipped into the Chest slot either, it’s all easily accessible and useable. Some cosmetic variations of the Backpack exist too, for further decoration.

Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 implements a new fishing system into Minecraft, making it much more enjoyable. New Fishing Rods are added, which can have hooks, bait and bobbers applied to them.

There’s lots of new Fish to find too, depending on the Biome. In total, there’s over 30 new fish, which can be found in Freshwater, Saltwater, Arid locations and more.

Overtime, you’ll collect more loot. Even some new Armor is added, which is made from Neptunium, and gives some bonus effects when it comes to Fishing. Catching food should be a little more entertaining with this mod installed.

Tomb Many Graves

tomb many graves mod

Dying in Minecraft sucks. All items drop to the ground, and you have 5 minutes to collect them before they despawn.

For that reason alone, it’s worth installing a Grave mod. One simple option is Tomb Many Graves. When you die, a Grave is placed on the ground, which is made from the surrounding blocks.

Only the player is able to retrieve items from a Grave. When you collect your items, they’ll all be returned to their original slots. Upon dying, you’ll also receive a piece of paper, showing every item you died with and the coordinates.


Reskillable makes Minecraft feel like an MMO. Now, there’s lots of Skills, like Magic, Mining, Defense, Building, Farming and Building.

Some aspects of the game are locked behind levels. For example, using a Diamond Hoe requires a high level of Farming, and the same goes for other tools and their respective skills.

As Skills are leveled up, it’s also possible to unlock new abilities. Like one for Farming, where Crops will grow faster if the player is nearby. One thing for sure is that it’s really going to expand the length of your survival playthrough.