Best Zombie Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

These mods will mostly change Zombies. But installing these, and others will help turn Minecraft into the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, which you can try to survive in!

Zombies are one of Minecrafts most iconic mobs. Although they don’t offer much of a threat, especially once players have equipment. This list is going to cover the Top 10 Best Mods for Zombies, in Minecraft 1.12.2.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Zombie Awareness

Zombie Awareness Mod

Zombie Awareness is a mod that increases the intelligence of Zombies. Firstly, you’ll now have a scent. If you’re attacked or lose health, then a bit of blood will be left on the ground.

This will leave a scent that Zombies will be able to follow, so escaping might be more difficult than normal. Players are going to be more detectable than ever. Mainly as Zombies are able to see light sources and head toward them.

They can also detect players interacting, breaking, or placing blocks, including opening doors and even eating. On the surface, Zombies can spawn in hordes and will invade a players base. While some Zombies are even given a speed boost.

Mob Sunscreen

Mob Sunscreen Mdo

Mob Sunscreen will add an extra challenge. During the day, mobs that usually burn will now be immune, including Zombies and their variants. So even during the day, safety isn’t guaranteed.

However you might want to configure this mod. There’s options that allow players to determine which creatures should be prevented from burning.

Zombie Players

Zombie Players Mod

When a player dies in Minecraft, a Zombie of them will spawn in their location with this mod installed. They should be easily distinguishable as a Zombie, as they have a green tint.

Like regular Zombies, the Zombie Player will still attack other players in the game world. There’s even an option to have these Zombies spawn naturally, which can be changed in the configuration files.

Interestingly, Zombie Players retain some of their memories. They’ll try to return to their home, and even interact with Chests.

Open Modular Turrets

Open Modular Turrets Mod

While it doesn’t change Zombies, this mod does help defeat them. The Open Modular Turrets mod adds different Turrets, which require ammunition and power.

They can be mounted above walls, under ceilings and all sorts of locations. Then, they can be configured whether to target players, mobs or everyone. Although there is a whitelist feature too, so that you can input player names.

The Turrets do require a Base and Power too. There’s a few different Turret types available, which can shoot the likes of Lasers, Fire and Bullets, and they deal a considerable amount of damage. Personally, they’re best used for defending large bases and Villages.


Hordes Mod

With the Hordes, players and Villagers can be infected by Zombies. This happens pretty easily, as a Zombie only needs to get within touching distance.

A Zombie Player can also take the inventory of a player when they die from an infection. Finally, the mod adds Hordes of Zombies, as shown in the name. These provide a chance for a group of Zombies to spawn on the surface, adding a sense of danger and difficulty.

The image above shows a Horde of Zombies. However it’s been paired with Tissou’s Zombie Pack, which is a texture pack.

Zombie Horse Spawn

Zombie Horse Spawn

Zombie Horses can’t be found naturally in Vanilla Minecraft. The Zombie Horse Spawn mod changes that. Now, Zombie Horses will be able to spawn naturally, and they’ll have a Zombie riding them.

By default, the chances are incredibly low (0.05/1.00) but that can be configured. It’s also possible to configure whether Zombie Horses should burn in daylight, and if they’ll only spawn on the surface.


Blood Moon Mod

During each night, there’ll now be a 5% chance for a Moon to become a Bloodmoon. These are easily identifiable, as the Moon will actually become red in color.

When that happens, mobs will spawn much more often, and in a closer proximity to the player. The limit to the amount of mobs that can spawn is increased too, so that the danger factor is really increased.

It’s not possible to sleep the night away either, as sleeping is disabled during a Bloodmoon. Although all these changes are really only noticeable on the surface, not in the likes of Caves. Most of the settings can be configured too.

Mob Dismemberment

Mob Dismemberment mod

Mob Dismemberment allows the limbs of hostile mobs to detach when they take damage. They can even explode into multiple pieces. It doesn’t really affect their damage or chances of attacks, but it definitely adds a lot of immersion.

Hostile Worlds


Hostile Worlds, Invasions adds lots of features. The most prominent being Invasions. These can happen every 3 days in the Overworld.

When they do, different hostile mobs will attack. One of them is the Miner, who can even destroy blocks to reach you. Whereas there’s also Zombie Soldiers, who can hoist each other over walls to reach you.

Luckily, there is the ability to hold off of an invasion, and essentially delay it until the next one. Although if a player does decide to use this feature, then they should expect the next invasion to be even harder, so there’s a real trade-off. 

Mr Crayfish’s Gun Mod

Mr Crayfish's Gun Mod

The final mod worth mentioning also doesn’t affect Zombies, but again, will help defeat them. It’s Mr Crayfish’s Gun Mod, and it adds multiple weapons which will help fight off Zombies.

There’s the Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, Heavy Rifle and more. Grenades are available too, which can take out the likes of hordes.

This is by far the best gun mod available for Minecraft. It allows you to apply colors to your weapons too, and some weapons can have attachments equipped to them, which increase ADS speed or accuracy.