Best Car & Vehicle Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Find some new mods which add additional ways of traversing your world, whether it be by land, sea or air!

Adding vehicles to Minecraft adds new methods for traveling throughout your world, whether it be by land, sea, or air. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the Best Vehicle Mods available for Minecraft 1.12.2, which includes Cars, Planes, Ships, and more.

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AstikorCarts Mod

AstikorCarts adds 3 different Carts into Minecraft, which can be attached to a Horse. They’re useful for carrying items throughout your world, as well as other players and creatures.

When on a Horse, it can be attached to a Cart by pressing the R key. You can create a Cart, a Plow or a Transportation Cart. Plows are used in farming, and will allow you to turn Grass Blocks into either Farmland or Path Blocks, when a Hoe or Shovel is attached.

Transportation Carts are able to carry 2 entities, like a Boat. Whereas the Cart has a built in Double Chest, so that items can be transported, and a player can also sit on the back.

UNU Civilian Vehicles

UNU Civilian Vehicles

UNU Civilian Vehicles adds lots of vehicles which fit everyday life. There’s different themes to vehicles, with it also included Fire Trucks, Forklifts and Buses, which can all be crafted and used.

It’s an easy-enough mod to use, as you can just sit in a vehicle and start driving. Some nice animations have been added too, so that you can see your character actually using Steering Wheels.

This mod relies on some dependencies, including the UNU Parts Pack. UNU Parts includes some nice decorative items, which should help with designing your own cities and garages for immersion.

Davincis Vessels

Davincis Vessels mod

Davincis Vessels allows you to craft airships in Minecraft. That way, you can travel throughout the skies, packing all your stuff with you. Personally, I believe it to be the best vehicle mod for Minecraft.

What’s so interesting about this mod is that you don’t actually place down and sit in a vehicle. Instead, you need to craft it yourself. An airship can be any size you’d like, as long as there’s enough Air Balloons to lift it from the ground.

You can place a Bed, Chests and any other block you want on an air ship. By including Passenger Seats, other players can join you as you fly. Really, it’s a great mod to use, and incredibly fun to build a flying home.

Simple Planes

Simple Planes

Another flying mod is Simple Planes. It includes different Planes and Helicopters, as well as upgrades for them. They can be made out of all different wood types, to give access to some color variations.

When it comes to Planes, there’s 3 different types. These are the Plane, Large Plane and Cargo Plane. Each one is slightly different when it comes to what they can carry. Whereas there’s just 1 type of Helicopter available.

Like the title says, these vehicles are easy to fly. You can simply take off, fly and land without any confusing controls.

Flans Mod

Flans Mod

Flans Mod adds lots of content to Minecraft in the form of expansion packs. You’re able to choose whether you want to add WW2 expansion packs, or even modern and future ones, with more being available.

While vehicles aren’t the primary item provided by the mod, they do receive a lot of attention. Depending on the pack you download, you’re able to have vehicles like Planes, Cars and Trucks.

Although other content in a pack includes decoration blocks, as well as lots of melee and ranged weapons. It’s probably one of the most popular packs for this version of Minecraft, and is great for multiplayer.

Moar Boats

MoarBoats mod

The first feature included with Moar Boats is the Animal Boat, which can be used to transport animals. However, the main feature is the Modular Boats.

Modular Boats are empty at first, but blocks can be added to them. You’ll be able to add Chests, Fishing Rods, Seats, Anchors, Ice Breakers and more so that traveling by water is more feasible.

Using Rope, which is included with the mod, Boats can be linked together, creating a train essentially. There’s also modules, which work like upgrades, and even allow Boats to travel by themselves.

Open Glider

OpenGlider Mod

Open Glider adds Hang Gliders into Minecraft, which are seen on the players back. There’s 2 different types, with there being a Hang Glider and Advanced Hang Glider.

They’re great for descending over large distances, as they barely lose height. Wind Gusts are included with the mod, which might propel you a little, or send you off course.

Eventually, you can create an Advanced Hang Glider from an Elytra. It’s faster, wind resistant and has double the durability of a regular Hang Glider.

Immersive Railroading

Immersive Railroading mod

You can use a mod like Immersive Railroading to add true-to-scale trains to Minecraft. Connect Locomotives and Carriages together, and drive them throughout your world, alongside friends.

It features life sized moveable trains, automated loading, animal carts, villager transporting and more. Whereas some models of trains that can be crafted are the A1 Peppercorn, Class 38 and A5 Switcher.

This mods great for any train enthusiasts. Although there’s a learning curve to it, so watching some mod spotlights are recommended.

Mr Crayfish’s Vehicle Mod

MrCrayfish Vehicle Mod

A great option is Mr Crayfish’s Vehicle Mod. Like other Mr Crayfish mods, you’re getting simplicity, which is really stable and functional. So you won’t get confused using this mod, and you shouldn’t expect glitches or bugs.

The vehicles themselves handle really well, and are simple to drive. Included with the mod is Scooters, Motorbikes, Cars, Trucks, Planes and more. You’re able to customize vehicles, adding different engines, colors, wheels and more.

Some vehicles can even be used in transportation or farming, like Tractors. Out of all the vehicle mods available, this is definitely one of the best options.

Potato Vehicle Industries

Potato Vehicle Industries

The final mod to make this list is Potato Vehicle Industries. It’s another mod that adds an assortment of Vehicles, like Bicycles, Planes and Cars.

Most of the Planes are military-themed, like Lockheed Martins. Whereas a lot of the Cars look like Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers and Ferraris.