Cavern 2 Mod

The Cavern II Mod allows you to enter new Dimensions, through Portals. Inside these Dimensions, you’ll find various Caverns, which make great locations for mining, especially if you’ve exhausted most areas of the Overworld.

These Dimensions also contain custom mobs and ores, which are included with the mod. Through the use of Mirage Books, it’s possible to enter Dimensions that are completely new and unique.

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Opening Portals & Their Types

To create a Cavern II Portal, you should create a Portal Frame out of either Mossy Cobblestone or Mossy Stone Bricks. Portal Frames can be a minimum size of 4×5 Blocks (the size of a Nether Portal), to a maximum of 23×23 Blocks.

Depending on the mods you have installed, obtaining Mossy Cobblestone shouldn’t be too difficult. In a Vanilla Minecraft-styled setup, you can obtain it by locating a Dungeon, which spawn often underground in the Overworld.

cavern 2 opened portal
An Open Cavern II Portal

To ignite a Portal Frame, you’ll need the correct item to send it to the Dimension you’d like. They are as follows:

  1. Cavern: Use an Emerald on a Portal Frame to link it to the Cavern. These are very similar to the already-existing Caves found in Minecraft, resulting in an infinite system of tunnels.
  2. Huge Cavern: Use a Diamond on a Portal Frame to link it to the Huge Cavern. These Caverns are the best for mining Ores, as the area is extremely large and spotting minerals is a simple task. You’d be best exploring this Cave Dimension with an Elytra and bring a lot of Blocks.
  3. Aqua Cavern: Use an Aquamarine on a Portal Frame to link it to the Aqua Cavern. These locations are flooded caverns, so may be difficult to explore without the likes of Water Breathing Potions and Night Vision Potions.
  4. Mirage Worlds: Use a Mirage Book on a Portal Frame to link it to a Mirage World. These are worlds that have custom features, like infinite Deserts, or Frost Mountains. They aren’t necessarily focused on Caving.

The Cavern that you’re probably wanting to explore most is the Huge Cavern. Although it can feel a bit overpowered at times, especially if you’re using a Resource Pack/Shaders that offer emissive ores.

Mining Ranks

When mining in the Cavern 2 Dimensions, you will start to collect ‘Mining Points’. As you collect these, your Miner Rank will increase, and unlock access to different dimensions.

  1. Beginner: This is your starting rank, and allows you to access the Cavern.
  2. Iron Miner: After reaching the Iron Miner rank, you’ll be allowed to enter a Portal that takes you to the Huge Cavern. You also unlock Mining Assist, which allows you to mine faster, and can be activated by pressing V.
  3. Aqua Miner: The final rank is the Aqua Miner. Unlocking this will allow you to enter the Aqua Cavern Portal.
miner rank display
Miner Rank, Combo & Progress

When inside a Cavern 2 Dimension, you can see your rank, and progress at any time by checking the bottom right corner of the screen.

Mirage Worlds

Mirage Worlds are custom dimensions, which might focus more on surface-type dimensions, instead of Caves. To travel to them, you need to ignite a Mossy Cobblestone Portal Frame with a Mirage Book.

Mirage Books can be obtained from Mirage Libraries, which have a chance of spawning inside the Dimensions provided with Cavern 2. Your best chance of finding a Mirage Library would be inside the Cavern, as there are fewer spawning restrictions.

mirage library and bookshelves
A Mirage Library

The Mirage Library is a small structure and features a few Mirage Bookshelves. Breaking these with an Axe will provide you with regular Books. There’s also a small chance for some new Enchantments to drop, as well as the Mirage Books.

The current list of Mirage Worlds are:

  1. Caveland
  2. Cavenia
  3. Frost Mountains
  4. Wide Desert
  5. Void
  6. Dark Forest
  7. Crown Cliffs
  8. Skyland

These Dimensions may be set in Caves, or on the surface. They might make interesting places to do separate builds from the Overworld, and locations to hide Chests or rare items from friends.

caveland mirage world
The Caveland Mirage World

If you’re holding multiple Mirage Books, you can walk through a Portal, and you’ll be given a choice to select which world you’d like to teleport to. You can right-click the Mirage Book while holding it to return to the Overworld. But remember, you won’t teleport back to your Portal if you’ve moved.

Best Cavern

If you want to collect large amounts of Stone and Ores, then you’re best visiting the Huge Cavern. It consists of large open areas and is often well-lit by flowing Lava. However, due to the immense sizes of the Caverns, the number of hostile mobs that spawn here is increased significantly.

huge cavern
The Huge Cavern

For that reason, you probably shouldn’t explore the Huge Cavern without adequate armor and weapons. A Night Vision Potion also helps, as well as an Elytra to reach the higher areas, although a Jetpack mod might also work.


Some new Ores are provided with the Cavern 2 mod, which can be found across the different Cavern types. These are:

  1. Magnite: Has the highest attack speed of all tools, even beating Gold. However, the durability of Magnite is a lot lower in its basic form, at just 10. You’ll need an Iron Pickaxe or better to mine Magnite. The Sword also offers 15 Attack Damage, which is more than its Diamond equivalent.
  2. Aquamarine: If you find Aquamarine Ores, then they can be mined with a Stone Pickaxe or higher. Aquamarine can only be used to create a Shovel, Axe, and Pickaxe, but it allows the mining of materials much faster in water.
  3. Hexcite: Hexcite items are a lot more durable than other Minecraft equipment, with them offering over 1000 uses before breaking. Their armor values are also slightly higher than their Diamond equivalents.

Portal Loop Bug

Some players have mentioned being stuck in a Portal Loop, where they can’t seem to enter or exit one of the Cavern 2 Dimensions. This bug has reportedly been fixed in one of the recent Cavern 2 updates, so ensure that you’re on the latest version of the mod.

One potential fix for this bug is to hold down the SHIFT (sneak) key when entering the Portal. That way, your character won’t be sent back through on the other side. Otherwise, you may have to delete the mod or delete your player data so that you respawn at the world spawn point.

Cavern II Mod Download

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How to Install

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