Mystcraft Mod

Mystcraft allows you to travel between different Dimensions in Minecraft, which are also known as Ages. By writing Books, you can determine the features of an Age, with the type of terrain that generates, and resources.

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Required Items

To get started with Mystcraft, there’s some blocks and items which need to be crafted. Specifically, you’ll require an Ink Mixer, Book Binder, Ink Vials and a Bookstand. These are the essentials for getting started, you’ll want more items as you progress with the mod.

Book Binder RecipeBookstand RecipeInk Mixer RecipeInk Vial Recipe

Some other Vanilla Minecraft items are required, such as Paper which can be obtained from Sugar Cane. Leather is also required to create Books, which can be obtained from Cows. Once you have these items, proceed to the getting started section below.

Getting Started with Mystcraft

Open the Ink Mixer, and place an Ink Vial in the top left-slot. The center of the interface will turn black, indicating that it’s full of ink. Next, add Paper to the bottom-left slot. On the right of the Ink Mixer, you’ll receive a Link Panel Page and an Empty Vial.

Inside the Ink Mixer
Inside the Ink Mixer

Now open the Book Binder. Place your Link Panel Page into the large grey area, and add some Leather to the top-left slot. In the text-box at the top, give the Book a name. Anything can be entered here, such as ‘Age’.

Inside the Book Binder
Inside the Book Binder

Remove your Descriptive Book from the Book Binder. Already, you can start exploring new Dimensions created within Mystcraft. Although that’s a bad idea right now, as you have no way of returning to the Overworld.

Instead, you’ll want to craft a Linking Book. Inside a Crafting Grid, combine a Link Panel Page (which was created inside the Ink Mixer) and Leather. When holding the Linking Book, right click the ground.

This will bind the Linking Book to the Overworld, specifically to the spot that you’re standing in. It’s a good idea to create a few of these and bring them on your journeys, as there’s always a chance that you mistakenly drop one.


Before going to a Mystcraft Dimension, you should create some Bookstands. One should be placed in the Overworld, and take one with you when entering a Dimension.

Book, on a Bookstand
Book, on a Bookstand

The books provided by Mystcraft will be dropped on the ground when they’re used. If they’re placed on a Bookstand, then they’ll be kept safe. However, they’ll slowly take damage and be irreparable. The damage received is increased when they’re wet, like by rain.

This goes for Linking Books too. It’s a good idea to place these on a Bookstand within an Age (Dimension), as it ensures you have a way of returning to the Overworld if you ever revisit that Age.


Right click on a Descriptive Book that you’ve created, whether it’s in your hand or on a Bookstand. On the right hand side is the Linked Page, click the rectangle area to travel to an Age.

Inside an Age
Inside an Age

You’ll be teleported to the Age. What type of Age is generated is going to be completely random at this point. It could be a paradise world, filled with useful resources, or something more hostile.

In the Age shown above, you can see it’s a snowy world, filled with towers of Iron Ore and Glowstone. You can spend some time exploring an Age, looking for materials which you can bring back to the Overworld. When you feel ready to return to the Overworld, use your Linking Book.


Symbols allow you to create your own custom Ages, with you being able to define every aspect of it. There’s a few methods of collecting these, with the first being by searching for the Archivist’s House, inside a Village.

mystcraft temple
Tempe in an Age

However you might also find Temples, as shown on the image above. These are made of Cobblestone, and searching them will provide players with lots of Symbols. Usually, there’s around 5 Symbols in a Temple.

When creating a Descriptive Book, these Symbols can be added inside the Book Binder to influence the creation of the Age. You are able to change the Biomes, Lighting, Weather, Landscape and more.

Mystcraft Mod Download

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How to Install

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  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.