Brooms Mod

Brooms add a new way of traveling throughout your Minecraft world. Live your Harry Potter fantasies and fly through the skies! This mod would be a great addition to any magical-themed playthroughs and characters.

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About the Brooms Mod

This mod adds a single item, which is the Broom. To craft it, place 3 Hay Bales, 1 Stick, and 1 Blaze Rod in a Crafting Table, shown in the screenshot below. A Broom isn’t held and used, as it instead needs to be placed down on the ground, allowing players to mount it.

Brooms Recipe
Broom Recipe

By holding down SPACE, you can ascend. After releasing it, you’ll slowly start to descend. Brooms don’t provide unlimited usage, as, after a few seconds, you will hit the ground again, and they’ll need to recharge, which also takes a few seconds.

The Broom is pretty basic on its own, but 4 new Enchantments are included to improve it. Firstly, there’s Air Skills, which will increase the speed of the Broom by 20% for each Enchantment level (maximum of 3).

Land Skills will increase the speed of a Broom when its on the ground, also by 20% per level with a maximum of 3 levels, but this is incompatible with the Air Skills Enchantment. Hovering will increase the maximum flight time by 25% per level with a maximum of 4 levels.

Finally, there’s Sea Breeze. Instead, this will cause the Broom to slow down when flying over water, but it will also recharge. These are all Treasure Enchantments, so expect to find them naturally while exploring and looting!

Brooms Mod Download

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How to Install

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