Fantasy Mounts Mod

Fantasy Mounts adds 2 new tamable creatures, which are the Polar Bear and Unicorn. They each have special features and can be ridden by 2 players at once, making them great for using with friends.

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The first new creature is the Unicorn, and they’re incredibly rare to find. If you come across one, it can be tamed like a regular Horse. So just repeatedly mount it, until you’re no longer bucked off. Then equip it with a Saddle.

A Unicorn
A Unicorn

A Golden Carrot Stew can be crafted from a Bowl, Golden Carrot, Brown Mushroom, and Blaze Powder. When eaten, it will provide the Glowing Vision effect for 10 minutes, which will cause nearby Unicorns to glow, which will hopefully make them easier to find.

The best feature about the Unicorn is that it has the Frost Walker Effect permanently. Meaning that it can travel on Water, as any Water below the Unicorn will be turned to Ice thanks to its magical powers.

Unicorn With Frost Walker
Unicorn With Frost Walker

By surrounding a Carrot with 8 Diamonds on a Crafting Table, you can create a Diamond Carrot. Feeding these to 2 Unicorns will allow them to breed. And it’s also worth mentioning that 2 players can ride a Unicorn at once.

Polar Bears

There are also Polar Bears, which already exist in Vanilla Minecraft, but now there are tamable versions too. If you come across these Bears, once again, you can repeatedly mount them until they’re tamed, and then equip them with a Saddle to control their movement.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Like Unicorns, they’re also available to move in Water, as they can swim pretty fast. They’re also able to seat 2 players at once, and you can breed them by feeding them Raw Fish. Sometimes, a Polar Bear will spawn with Heterochromia.

Golden Whistle

The final item that’s included with Fantasy Mounts is the Golden Whistle. It can be crafted from 5 Gold Ingots, using the recipe format below.

Golden Whistle Recipe
Golden Whistle Recipe

These can be bound to a mount, which will allow you to tell them to stay or to follow you, similar to a Wolf. Just right-click a mount whilst holding the Golden Whistle for it to register.

Fantasy Mounts Mod Download

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How to Install

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