Best RPG Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5

RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Some games that fall into this genre are Borderlands, Fallout, Skyrim and the Witcher. In this list, we’re going to cover the Top 10 Best RPG Mods available for Minecraft 1.16.5.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft 1.16.5 Mod Lists too, for more great mods.


Waystones gives some new methods of traveling throughout your Minecraft world. When a Waystone is activated, it can be named, and used to travel between all other activated Waystones.

You’re able to craft your own Waystones as they have a crafting recipe. Although you can find them too inside of Villages, as they’ll usually spawn there.

It’s a mechanic seen in many RPG games. Some other items are also included with the mod, like Warp Scrolls which allow you to fast travel from anywhere. Being near a Waystone isn’t required.

Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzie’s Mobs will add lots of new creatures to your world, which are very interesting. They all have great animations, textures and mechanics, and feels like it’s a part of the Vanilla game instead of a mod.

Inside the Savannah Biome, you can find Barako the Sun Chief, surrounded by Barakoa. Or head underground, and you can find the Ferrous Wroughtnaut in its chamber, waiting for you to get close.

In Minecrafts colder biomes, you might find the Frostmaw, a large Yeti-like creature. Each of these mobs have their own fighting styles, and ways of defeating them. You’re also going to obtain some unique drops.


Bountiful adds a questing system to Minecraft. In Villages, you can now find a Bounty Board in its own small structure. Over time, quests, otherwise known as Bounties will appear inside the board.

Place these inside your inventory to accept them. Bounties will often ask you to collect a certain type of block, or kill a set amount of creatures. As a reward, you can receive items like Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli and Bottles o’ Enchanting.

Decrees also exist inside of Bounty Boards, and these will determine the type of Bounties that appear. There’s also multiple tiers to Bounties, offering better rewards.

Towers of the Wild

Towers of the Wild will add large towers into your Minecraft world, which you’ll commonly come across. They have some different designs and variations depending on the Biome they spawn in.

While some Towers are even destroyed. It is possible to climb the Towers of the Wild, as they have Ladders going up the sides, although it’s difficult, and you could fall off. If you make your way to the top of a Tower, then you’ll find a Chest containing loot.

Although they’re a great vantage point for scouting your world too. If you have the previously mentioned Waystones mod installed, then a Waystone will also spawn at the top, which can be activated.


Paragliders is also inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild. When held, it will allow you to glide freely, without having to worry about fall damage.

There’s 2 items included with the mod, which are the Paraglider and Deku Leaf. The mod does include a Stamina system too, which is replicated from Zelda.

If you run out of Stamina, you’ll enter a freefall. Although this can be disabled in the mods configuration files. Using this mod is a great option alongside Towers of the Wild, so that you can easily jump from them, gliding down.

Doggy Talents

Minecraft doesn’t have much of a companion system, like what’s seen in other RPG’s. That’s why it’s worth installing the Doggy Talents mod.

With it installed, Wolves will be turned into Pet Dogs, and have a variety of talents they can be taught. As a Dog levels up, you can spend skill points on talents, which allows Dogs to hunt for Creepers, dig for loot or even become rideable.

The mod also includes a texture index, so that a Dog can be changed to look like a multitude of real-life breeds. Or you can use other items the mod provides, like Dog Beds or GPS Collars to track your Dog if it’s missing.

Travelers Titles

Travelers Titles adds RPG-like titles when entering a new Biome or Dimension. It has support for all modded Biomes, as well as lots of Dimensions like the Twilight Forest, Lost Cities, Bumblezone and more.

It’s completely customizable, and really feels like you’ve discovered a new zone or area, like in traditional RPG games.

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire adds some mythical creatures into Minecraft, with the most prominent being Dragons. Although you can also find Hippogryphs, Gorgons, Pixies, Cockatrices and more, some of which have their own structures.

With this mod installed, you’ll get the traditional RPG feeling of being a Dragon Hunter and Tamer. Dragons can spawn in both Roosts and Caverns, and you might find them setting fire to the likes of Villages in your world as they fly over.

Though with a bit of work on your part, you can tame a Dragon, and eventually ride it.

Realistic Torches

Realistic Torches is going to change the mechanics of Torches, making them slightly harder. Firstly, Torches will now be crafted unlit, and will need to be ignited with a matchbox.

After a short amount of time, a Torch will die out, making them act as they do in real life. If it rains, then a Torch will also go out.

The aim of this mod is to cause you to seek out more permanent light sources, like Lanterns. Although it’s still possible to craft permanently lit Torches using Glowstone Crystals. 

Wall Jump

Wall Jump adds some new mechanics. Firstly, when running at a wall, you can hold onto it by pressing the sneak key.

When holding onto a wall, you can quickly press the jump key again to perform a wall jump, allowing you to gain height. Repeating this process, you can do some parkour, and find new ways of traversing your world and climbing terrain.

A double jump mechanic is also included with the mod, so that you can jump while mid-air. Although you might need to configure this option to enable it.