Best Village Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5

This list will cover the Top 10 Best Village Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5. These mods might add new structures to Village, or even add new Professions to Villagers.

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More Villagers

More Villagers adds lots of new Villager professions to Minecraft. Villagers who have these professions can spawn naturally, or they can be set manually with some new job site blocks.

Included with the mod is the Oceanographer, Netherologist, Forester, Enderologist, Engineer, Florist, Hunter and Miner. Whereas the items you can obtain from these Villagers are all related to different aspects of the game.

The Miner will sell Iron, Gold and Mineshaft Explorer Maps. Whereas the Engineer will see Redstone related items, like Repeaters, Dispensers, Observers and Daylight Sensors. Like with regular Villages, they can all be levelled up to improve their trades and prices.

Easy Villages

Easy Villagers Mod

A mod to massively help out with trading and Village management is Easy Villages. Firstly, you can now pick up Villagers and move them around, by sneaking and right clicking them.

A useful new item is the Trader Block. It can be placed down, and a Villager can then be placed inside, confining them to a 1×1 space. Villagers inside a Trader Block are able to stock outside of non-working hours, and won’t wander, so they’re easy to find.

There’s also Auto Trader Blocks, which will automatically execute trades when they’re available. Farmer Blocks acts as a single Farmland Block, allowing the Villager inside to farm the Crop.

You can also expect to find Breeder Blocks, Converter Blocks, Iron Farm Blocks and more. The aim of the mod is to make Villager trading and management more simple.

Village Spawn Point

A very simple and quick mod is Village Spawn Point. With it installed, you can create a new world, and you’ll instantly start in a Village.

The chosen Village is the one closest to 0 on the X and Z axis. Using a mod like this should hopefully make the early game a bit easier, as you’ll have food, shelter and an Iron Golem to defend you nearby.

Sky Villages

Sky Villages Mod

You can find huge Villages spawning in the sky, with the Sky Villages mod installed. These Villages are beautifully crafted, and float high up above the ground. Therefore, you might have to use a stack or two of blocks to reach them.

Each time a Sky Village generates, the design is randomized, so never expect to find 2 identical Sky Villages. These structures are very well lit too, so you can expect them to be safe from Zombies and Creepers during the night.

Looking at these Villages, they’re probably the most professionally made structures you can find, and they’d blend into Vanilla Minecraft nicely.


Stoneholm Underground Villages Mod

Alternatively, try out the Stoneholm mod. With it installed, you’ll find Villages spawning below-ground instead. You can usually find an entrance on the surface, made out of Stone Bricks.

Inside, you’ll find a civilization that’s moved underground, with everything you’d find in a normal Village. There’s an Iron Golem, with lots of rooms where Villagers will work.

Some Stoneholm variants have abandoned rooms too, which are a bit more dangerous, but have loot inside. A mod like this goes great in some post-apocalyptic themed modpacks, where you’d expect communities to move underground.

Guard Villagers

Guard Villagers Mod

Villages will now have Guards, with this mod installed. They’ll look like regular Villagers, but they actually have arms, and are equipped with an assortment of tools and armor.

Guards can either use Crossbows or Swords, and will defend a Village during Raids, or Zombies. If you have the Hero of the Village Effect, then players can recruit Guards to follow them or tell them to patrol an area.

You’ll also be able to access their inventory, providing them with upgraded equipment to help them fight. Unemployed Villagers can also be turned into Guards, by right clicking them with an Iron Sword or Crossbow.

Hostile Villages

Hostile Villages Mod

Hostile Villages will make your Minecraft world more dangerous. Instead of finding functioning Vanilla Villages, you’ll find ones which have been overrun by hostile creatures instead.

Villages can be owned by Witches, Creepers, Spiders, Zombies and more. With the default settings, all Villages will become hostile, although the figure is configurable.

So having Vanilla Villages still spawn is an option. You can also determine what creatures have populated Villages, and for loot chests to spawn inside.

Village Employment

Village Employment adds some wearable outfits that represent different Villager Professions. You can look like the Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric, Farmer, Fisherman, Fletcher, Librarian, Shepherd, Weaponsmith and the Wandering Trader.

There’s a few bonus outfits which provide special effects. Dressing like the Iron Golem makes players stronger, but slows them down. Dressing as a Vindicator, Evoker or Pillager will provide some illager related effects, like being able to ride a Ravager, but these are a work in progress.

Finally, there’s a Grass Path Slab. It’s designed to make traveling around Villages easier, so you don’t have to constantly jump up Path Blocks.

Village Artifacts

Village Artifacts instead adds some items which are useful when it comes to Villages. Some examples are the Amulet, which is able to convert Pillagers into Village Guards.

Alternatively, using an Infernal Shard on a Pillager will turn them into Villagers instead. A Rough Emerald Shard can unlock a trade that has been blocked by a Villager. The Plague Remedy can be used on Zombie Villagers to cure them, turning them back into regular Villagers.

By holding a Golemsteel Brazier, you can lure both Villagers and Guards so that they follow you. That’s not all the items either, as there’s quite a few more offering similar effects.


MineColonies is probably the biggest Village-conversion mod available for Minecraft. With it installed, you’ll be able to create your own thriving towns, complete with custom structures and buildings, essentially starting your own Kingdom.

It also features custom NPCs, like Builders, Smelters, Cooks, Farmers and more. These NPCs have their own structures, like the Town Hall and Library, among many others.

This mod does have quite the learning curve. So it’s recommended to watch some mod spotlight videos, and read the mods Wikipedia to learn about all the included systems.