Best Structure Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5

Even though Minecraft already has lots of Structures, there’s no harm with adding more. They make exploring more fun, and bring your world to life. With that said, this list is going to cover 10 of the Best Structure Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft 1.16.5 Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structures doesn’t add tons of structures to Minecraft, but there’s a fair few. Mostly, you’ll come across different Ruins and Towers, where you can obtain some loot and defeat a few enemies.

More guarded locations are Forts and Castles, which are run by Pillagers. Some new blocks and decorations are added with the mod too, like Braziers.

Though I’d say that the best location included with the mod is the Player House. Consider yourself very lucky if you come across this structure, as it has everything you need to survive in Minecraft, like a Bed, Crafting Table and Furnace. 


Quite a few new structures are included with the Graveyard mod. They’re all of different sizes and scales.

You can find the Haunted House, Small Grave, Small Graveyard, Medium Graveyard, Mushroom Grave, Memorial Birch Tree and Large Graveyard. The mod has seen a lot of updates lately too.

New mobs have been added, which are the Skeleton Creeper, Acolyte, Reaper and Ghoul. An additional mod can be installed for some Graveyard Biomes too. There’s so much loot to collect at these locations, especially inside of Graves, so bring a Shovel on your explorations!

Better Strongholds

Better Strongholds doesn’t add any new structures to Minecraft. Instead, it overhauls the already existing Stronghold, which is used to enter the End Dimension.

Now, it’s actually interesting to explore. It’s made up of over 15 different rooms, as well as hallways, staircases and traps.

They’re all well decorated, and feature nice furnishings, with the mod using all Vanilla blocks. The process of reaching the End or finding a Stronghold isn’t changed, only the structure itself.

YUNG’s Bridges

Another mod from the developer from Better Strongholds is Yung’s Bridges. Throughout your world, you’ll now find Bridges spawning naturally across Rivers, offering a new way to cross.

There’s multiple designs to these Bridges, and it makes your world feel like it’s already been lived in by other adventurers. In the configuration files, you can determine how often bridges will spawn too, if you want them to be more common.


Stables will cause large Barn structures to spawn in the Plains Biome. These are Stables, and contain Horses who are enclosed.

It’s a good opportunity to tame one of these Horses, or build around the structure. Though you can also obtain some Horse related items like Saddles and Horse Armor. A Village also spawns inside the Barn, who is the Stable Master.

You’re able to trade with them to obtain more Horse related items, as well as other common resources. There’s some different designs a Barn can spawn as. Alongside Horses, Donkeys and Mules can also spawn, although the chances are more rare. 

Repurposed Structures

Repurposed Structures is a huge mod, and one that you shouldn’t really go without. The most noticeable feature is that all the main Vanilla structures now have new variants, depending on the Biome they spawn in.

So Pillager Outposts which usually look identical, will look different whether they’re in a Snowy Biome or Desert. So you can also find 14 new variants to Mineshafts, and 11 new variants to Villages.

The mod also includes some new custom structures between the Dimensions. In a Jungle, you can find what looks like a Nether Fortress, but made from Stone Bricks instead. Whereas underground, you might find Bastion Remnants spawning in the Overworld, and End Cities in the Nether.

Castle in the Sky

A huge Castle can be found spawning in the sky with this mod installed. Though it’s going to be very difficult to reach, so you might require an Elytra.

The structure itself is huge, we aren’t talking about a small Castle, it’s something that’s going to take a while to fully explore. To find them, you can get a Levitation Stone from a Cartographer.

When holding this Stone, particles will show you the way to the Castle in the Sky. The Levitation Stone will also help you float towards the Castle if you manage to get one. Inside the Castle, you can find some Redstone puzzles, as well as a Dungeon.


Kobolds are a new species of creature in Minecraft. You’ll always find them underground, spawning in large Den structures.

There’s a lot of variation to Dens. They can be pretty simple like on the image above. Or they can spawn on the likes of Shipwrecks instead, with Pirate themed Kobolds. In total, there’s 6 variations.

The Kobolds themselves are friendly, and some can be traded with. Other mechanics included with the mod are breeding, being able to Enchant your items and defending their Dens from hostiles.

Yung’s Better Mineshafts

YUNG’s Better Mineshafts barely adds new structures. Instead, it changes the already existing Mineshafts that exist in Minecraft.

Instead of all Mineshafts looking the same, they’ll now have variation. The style of a Mineshaft will depend on the Biome they spawn in. You’ll find that they can be made from blocks like Ice, Sand, Stone and more.

Shapes of Mineshafts are also changed, making them larger and easier to explore. Some Mineshafts can even have rooms spawning on the side, like Abandoned Miner Stations, where loot can be obtained.

Shrines Structures

Included with Shrines Structures is 20 new Buildings & Structures. You can expect to find the likes of Houses, Temples and Shrines with the mod installed, which are beautifully crafted.

If you’re not one for building, finding and living in one of these houses is a great option. Or you can even take over one of the other structures and make it your own.

One great feature provided by this mod is that you’re able to add your own Custom Structures, and find them with the /locate command. And Structures have Novels, giving them some backstory.