Friends & Foes Mod

Friends & Foes adds some passive and hostile mobs into Minecraft. Specifically, it adds the Glare, Illusioner, Iceologer, Copper Golem, Moobloom, and Beekeeper. Some structures are also added.

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Copper Golem

The first addition provided by Friends & Foes is the Copper Golem. It doesn’t have a lot to offer behavior-wise, except randomly pressing nearby Copper Buttons from time to time. They don’t spawn naturally either.

Copper Golem
Copper Golem

To summon a Copper Golem, place down a Copper Block. Then place a Carved Pumpkin on top and a Lightning Rod on top of the Carved Pumpkin. If killed, then they’ll drop some Copper Ingots.

Copper Golems have multiple stages of oxidization. Over time, it will transform from Unaffected to Exposed, Weathered, and Oxidized.


Next is the Glare. These can only be found spawning naturally, specifically in Minecrafts Lush Caves Biomes underground. As a drop, they give Glow Berries, which can be found anyway inside the Lush Caves.


Glares will repeatedly fly around the Lush Caves, looking for and eating any Glow Berries. They can even be tamed by feeding them Glow Berries, turning them into a pet.

Behaviour-wise, tamed Glares don’t do much other than follow the player. Though they will fly to dark areas, and warn the player if hostile mobs are nearby, which is a nice feature to have.


Mooblooms are a variant of Cows, which can only be found spawning in the Flower Forest Biomes, as well as Meadows. Usually, they’ll spawn in herds of 2-4 Mooblooms. By feeding them Wheat, they can be bred.


One of the main purposes of Mooblooms is to shear them, which will give Flowers. Like regular Cows, they can also be milked with a Bucket. After being sheared, they won’t become Mooblooms again, instead becoming regular Cows.

When a Moobloom walks, there’s a chance for Flowers to spawn in its place. Otherwise, they mostly just act like regular Cows, and Bees will also try to pollinate them.


The first hostile creature added with Friends & Foes is the Iceologer. It spawns in a Cabin, located in Minecrafts colder biomes. When the player gets close, it will begin to attack instantly.


During a fight, the Iceologer will slow the player. Then, it summons blocks of ice above the player, which falls on them and damages them. Once defeated, it can drop Emeralds and Blue Ice Blocks.


Another foe is the Illusioner. The only place to find them is inside the Illusioner Shack, which can spawn in some Forest Biomes. Once again, they’ll attack the player on sight, and they’re armed with a Bow. They even have a chance of showing up during Raids.


The Illusioner has an interesting combat style, running away from the player to keep a distance. That way, it can use its ranged attacks safely. However, it’s also able to hit the player with blindness and summon illusions.


The final creature currently included in Friends & Foes is the Beekeeper Villager. These will spawn naturally with the mod installed, and use a Beehive as a job block.


As expected, they’ll trade items like Flowers, Bee Nests, and Honey in exchange for Emeralds. The mod also introduces some extra Beehives which are made from other types of wood.

Friends & Foes Mod Download

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How to Install

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