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This guide will cover how to craft a Melter in the Tinkers Construct, and basic ways of usage. It’s recommended to create a Melter before moving onto a Smeltery, as it’s much cheaper.

About the Melter

The Smelter is a precursor to the Smeltery, with it being slightly less powerful. Each time an Ore is smelt within a Melter, an extra 3 Nuggets will be provided. So smelting 3 Iron Ore inside will provide you with 4 Ingots worth of Molten Iron.

Inside the Melter, 3 Ores can be smelted at once, with it having a total capacity of 9 Ingots in molten form. So it might also be useful for smelting the likes of drops from Piglins, such as Gold Swords and Armor.

How to Build a Melter

For a fully operational Melter, you’ll require 1 Seared Heater, 1 Seared Melter, 2 Seared Faucets, 1 Seared Casting Basin and 1 Seared Casting Table. A fuel source, such as Coal or Lava is also required to operate it.

All of these items are crafted from Seared Bricks. A single Seared Brick can be obtained by smelting a Block of Grout. To obtain Grout, place 4 Gravel, 4 Sand, and 1 Block of Clay in a Crafting Table, and 8 Grout will be given in return.

Grout Recipe
Grout Recipe

Once you have a healthy supply of Seared Bricks, begin crafting each object listed above. Use the gallery below to see each item, and their recipe.

The Seared Melter also requires a Seared Fuel Gauge, and this can be crafted using 4 Seared Bricks and 5 Glass Blocks. Place the Seared Brick in 4 corners of a Crafting Grid, and the remaining Glass Blocks in a + shape.

When all of these items are obtained, you can begin to assemble the Smelter. Start by placing down the Heater, and add the Melter on top. Each side of the Heater should have a Casting Basin and Casting Table, with a Faucet going from each side of the Melter so that it’s hovering over these blocks.

Fully Assembled Melter
Fully Assembled Melter

The image above shows the correct way to assemble the Melter, also seen in the ‘Puny Smelting’ Book in-game. Next, read about how to actually use the Melter to begin creating materials.

How to Use a Melter

By right-clicking the Melter, you can open the GUI. Your fuel can be added to the slot on the right, or directly into the Heater block. On the left-hand side, 3 Ores can be placed, and once melted, they’ll be turned into the molten form.

Melter GUI
Melter GUI

If the Molten tank is already full, then the Ores won’t melt, and the progress bar will remain full. You’re able to check the Molten tank by hovering over the molten metal in the GUI.

Draining Molten Metals
Draining Molten Metals

By right clicking a Faucet, Molten Metal can be released from the Melter into the adjacent Casting Basin or Casting Table. Allowing Molten Metal to flow into the Casting Basin will turn it into its block form.

Releasing it into the Casting Table will allow you to create Casts, such as Pickaxe Heads, Tool Rods and more.