Feeding Upgrade

The feeding upgrade will cause edible items placed within a Sophisticated Backpack to be automatically fed to you when your hunger drops. As it’s upgraded to the advanced version, you can determine when the food will be eaten.

There are a few reasons that this is one of the best upgrades available for Sophisticated Backpacks. Firstly, with your hunger being constantly replenished, your health will continually be regenerating, making combat easier. With a full hunger bar, players can also constantly sprint, making it a lot less tedious.

Crafting the Feeding Upgrade

There are two different versions of the Feeding Upgrade, which are the basic version, and the advanced version. To create the first tier of the Feeding Upgrade, surround an Upgrade Base item with a Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Ender Pearl, and Glistering Melon Slice.

Eventually, you’ll likely want to upgrade this into the advanced version. This can be done by surrounding the standard Feeding Upgrade with a Diamond, 2 Gold Bars, and 3 Redstone Dust. Use the slideshow above to see all the available recipes.

Using the Feeding Upgrade

With the standard Feeding Upgrade, any consumable items inside the backpack will be automatically fed to you when your hunger bar drops by one point. This will cause higher-tier foods, such as Bread, to go to waste quickly. 

Although there are some basic filtering options available, where you can determine which food items to allow or be blocked from being consumed. That way, you can ensure only lower-tier foods like Beetroot and Carrots are used instead.

Basic Options
Basic Options for the Feeding Upgrade

Once the Advanced Feeding Upgrade has been created, a lot more options are opened up. You can determine whether the backpack should only feed the player when they’re a tiny bit hungry, which will waste the most hunger points.

There’s also the ‘hungry enough’ option, which causes you to waste hunger points still, but not as much. Or the final option, which will prevent you from wasting any hunger points. Another button is available which will cause the hunger setting to be ignored completely, and instead will cause the backpack to consume food as soon as the player loses health.

Advanced Feeding Upgrade Options
Advanced Feeding Upgrade Options

Like with other advanced upgrades, more filtering options become available, which allow you to block items, focus on foods that have specific tags, or come from only the selected mods.