Rich Soil

Rich Soil is a lot like Dirt. However, it has special properties which help when it comes to growing crops and other flora. One of the most useful features is that crops grown on Rich Soil are immune to mob trampling, meaning that they won’t be broken if stepped on.

When a plant is placed on Rich Soil, it will also have its growth randomly boosted. This effect is similar to having Bone Meal applied to a crop. For this to happen, the Rich Soil needs hydration from a nearby water source.

Under the correct amount of darkness, Mushrooms can be placed on Rich Soil to turn them into a Mushroom Colony, which can be harvested to give Mushroom Caps. Rich Soil can be converted into Rich Farmland using a Hoe.

How to Get Rich Soil

To obtain Rich Soil within Farmer’s Delight, you’ll need to craft Organic Compost first. While it can be crafted, you also have a chance of finding it naturally spawning in Villages, as Farmers will often experiment with them.

There are two ways of crafting Organic Compost. It can be crafted from 1 Dirt, 2 Straw, 4 Tree Bark, and 2 Bone Meal. Or 1 Dirt, 2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Straw, and 4 Bone Meal. The image below shows both of these recipes.

Organic Compost Recipe
Organic Compost Recipe

Over time, the Organic Compost will decompose, and it will eventually turn into Organic Compost. To ease this process, ensure that the Organic Compost is placed in sunlight, and that there is water nearby for moisture.

‘Activators’ can also be used to speed up this process, as long as an Activator item is placed directly next to Organic Compost. Current items that act as Activators are Brown Mushroom, Red Mushrooms, Podzol, Mycelium, Organic Compost and Rich Soil.