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What does a Potion of Fire Resistance Do?

After drinking a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft, you’ll receive the Fire Resistance Buff. When it’s active, players will receive no damage from fire-based blocks and mechanics.

Some items you’ll be immune to are Magma Blocks, Blaze Fireballs, Fire and most importantly, Lava. When playing with friends, or on multiplayer servers, you can also expect immunity from any Bows that are enchanted with Flame, or Swords that have Fire Aspect.

For that reason, it’s always recommended to carry Potions of Fire Resistance when traversing the Nether. Falling in Lava will no longer be fatal. Alternatively, you can craft a Splash Potion of Fire Resistance, which can be thrown at friends who are on fire.

How to Make a Brewing Stand

To make any Potion in Minecraft, you’ll require a Brewing Stand. This is where you’ll combine ingredients, and then increase the duration of Potions, or turn them into Splash Potions instead.

Crafting a Brewing Stand is easy. All you need is 3 Cobblestone and 1 Blaze Rod. Blaze Rods can be dropped by Blaze in the Nether. If you don’t feel equipped enough to defeat a Blaze, there are alternative methods.

recipe to craft a brewing stand
Brewing Stand Recipe

Firstly, you can try searching a Village Church. Brewing Stands generate naturally in these, and can be collected. If you find an Igloo, then search the basement, as these often spawn with Brewing Stands, and come with Potions inside.

It’s important that you mine a Brewing Stand with a Pickaxe. Otherwise, it will just break, and not drop to the ground.

How to Make a Potion of Fire Resistance

Now that you have a Brewing Stand, it’s time to create the Potion of Fire Resistance. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Brewing Stand by interacting with it, then add Blaze Powder to the top right slot. This will cause the Brewing Stand to ignite, fueling it.
  2. Add Bottles of Water to the lower 3 slots.
  3. In the top middle slot, add a Nether Wart. After a few seconds, you’ll receive Awkward Potions inside the Brewing Stand. Don’t remove these.
  4. Finally, in the top center slot where you previously placed Nether Warts, add Magma Cream instead.
  5. Wait a few more seconds, and the Awkward Potions will be turned into Potions of Fire Resistance.
potion of fire resistance inside a brewing stand
Making a Potion of Fire Resistance

If you don’t know where to obtain all these ingredients, don’t worry. Blaze Powder, which is used to fuel the Brewing Stand can be obtained by placing a Blaze Rod inside a Crafting Table. Blaze Rods are dropped by Blaze, who can be found in the Nether.

Glass Bottles can be created using 3 Glass Blocks. Place them inside a V shape in a Crafting Table, similar to the layout for a Bucket. Then fill them up at any water source. Nether Warts can be found growing naturally inside of a Nether Fortress, and look like crops.

Magma Cream, which is the core item for a Fire Resistance Potion can be crafted by placing Blaze Powder and Slime Balls in a Crafting Table. However, Magma Cubes, which spawn in the Nether will also drop them.

Bedrock vs Java Editions

The process and recipes for creating a Potion of Fire Resistance are the same between both Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition. Whether you’re playing on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Mobile, you can expect the same process and results.

All you need to do is create a Brewing Stand, add Blaze Powder, 3 Bottles of Water and a Nether Wart. Once you’ve received Awkward Potions, add Magma Cream to the Brewing Stand, which will convert them into Potions of Fire Resistance.

Making Splash Potions of Fire Resistance

After creating Potions of Fire Resistance, they can be turned into Splash Potions of Fire Resistance instead. It’s completely option.

Regular Potions can only be drunk by the player holding the Potion. Whereas Splash Potions can be thrown, leaving an area of effect. That way, you can throw it at other players, giving them Fire Resistance instead.

To make a Splash Potion of Fire Resistance, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Brewing Stand, and add Blaze Powder to the top left slot, so that it has fuel.
  2. In the bottom 3 slots, which should be empty, add your Potions of Fire Resistance.
  3. Now add Gunpowder to the top slot. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll make some Splash Potions of Fire Resistance.

If you don’t have Gunpowder, then you can collect some from Creepers, who drop it. You shouldn’t constantly need Blaze Powder either, as it can fuel the Brewing Stand through the creation of multiple potions.

Other Items that Give Fire Resistance

It might be difficult to obtain a Potion of Fire Resistance early into Minecraft. Luckily, there are a few other items in-game which can give the Fire Resistance Effect.

Firstly, eating an Enchanted Golden Apple will give Fire Resistance for 5 minutes. These have a small chance of spawning in Chests inside of Dungeons, Bastion Remnants and Ruined Portals.

After dying with a Totem of Undying, players will also receive the Fire Resistance Effect for 40 seconds. This is done to hopefully prevent the player from dying again so soon, and give them an escape if they’re stuck in Lava.

The easiest way to obtain Fire Resistance is by creating a Suspicious Stew. By placing a Bowl, Red Mushroom and Brown Mushroom in a Crafting Table, you can create a Suspicious Stew. However, to have the Stew give Fire Resistance, an Allium Flower needs to be added to it. Unfortunately, these flowers are relatively rare, but can be found naturally generating in both Flower Forests and Meadows.


Can I walk in Lava with Fire Resistance?
Yes, one of the best use-cases for a Potion of Fire Resistance is for walking in Lava. Navigating the Nether is tricky, especially with all the Lava Lakes that flood the dimension. Ghasts and Piglins can easily send you straight into Lava, or set you on Fire. Drinking a Potion of Fire Resistance ensures you take no damage.

Can it be applied to mobs?
Other creatures in Minecraft can be hit with Fire Resistance, as long as it’s from a Splash Potion. Bosses will be immune to the effect, as well as other creatures which are naturally resistant to fire, like Ghasts and Blaze. But it could be useful on a Wolf, before bringing it to the Nether.

Are there any Advancements/Achievements for Fire Resistance?
Players who walk in Lava with Fire Resistance active will receive the ‘Stayin’ Frosty’ achievement. On Xbox, this gives 20 Gamerscore. Whereas PlayStation players can expect a Bronze Trophy.

There are 2 advancements which involve Fire Resistance. The first of which is ‘A Furious Cocktail’, where players need to have 13 status effects active at once. ‘How Did We Get Here’ is one of the hardest advancements to obtain, and requires 26 status effects active at once.

ID & Commands

To give yourself the Fire Resistance effect, use the command /effect give @p minecraft:fire_resistance which will give 30 seconds of Fire Resistance. You can add a number in seconds to the end of the command, like 300 for 5 minutes.

NameIdentifierNumeric ID
Fire Resistancefire_resistance12