The Frostmaw is a large Yeti-like creature provided by the Mowzie’s Mobs Mod. They can rarely be found in Minecrafts colder and snowier Biomes.

When you first stumble across Frostmaw, you’ll find that it’s sleeping. If you aren’t feeling ready to fight yet, then it’s best you go around. Get too close, and Frostmaw will wake up and begin to attack nearby players.

frostmaw sleeping
A Sleeping Frostmaw

To find Frostmaw, you should try searching Ice Plains and Ice Spikes Biomes. Alternatively, use the command /locate mowziesmobs:frostmaw_spawn. In total, Frostmaw has 220 Health and 9 Attack Damage.

Ice Crystal

As Frostmaw sleeps, you might spot an Ice Crystal inside its hand. This is the source of Frostmaws power, and it’ll consume it once it wakes up.

There are two ways to obtain the Ice Crystal. The first is simply by killing Frostmaw, as it’s given as a drop afterwards. Alternatively, players can try to steal it.

ice crystal
Ice Crystal in Frostmaws Hand

If you’re quick enough, the Ice Crystal can be taken from Frostmaws hand before it wakes up and closes its hand. Although this will cause Frostmaw to become aggressive. One of the best options is to consume a Potion of Invisibility, and then steal the Ice Crystal without Frostmaw ever knowing.

When a player uses an Ice Crystal, they can summon an Icy Whirlwind which attacks targets from afar. After 3 seconds, the target will become frozen, and be unable to move, making it a powerful weapon.

Fighting Frostmaw

As soon as the player approaches Frostmaw, it will wake up, and the fight will begin. You’ll know if you’re close to Frostmaw, as there’ll be a Boss Bar visible at the top of the screen. Once Frostmaw is awake, it’ll consume the Ice Crystal it’s holding.

There’s 4 different attacks that Frostmaw will use. The first is swiping at a nearby target, dealing 9 points of damage. Frostmaw is also able to Roar, which will knockback any nearby enemies.

Frostmaw Attacking
Frostmaw Attacking

Using the Ice Crystal, Frostmaw can summon an Icy Whirlwind to damage the player. Though if the player has stolen this already, then this attack won’t happen.

Finally, Frostmaw can slam the ground infront of them, dealing a massive 36 points of damage. This attack won’t happen until Frostmaw has less than 60% of its maximum health remaining.

When defeated, Frostmaw will drop the Ice Crystal which it was previously holding. If no players are nearby for 1 minute, then Frostmaw will go back to sleep.