Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn: How to Have Twins

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Minecraft Comes Alive adds many features to Minecraft around relationships. You can get married, and eventually have children. While most players will find themselves with a baby boy or girl, there’s always a chance to have twins.

This guide is going to cover how to get married in MCA Reborn, and how to have children, and hopefully twins. You can download Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn, and view our complete mod guide.

Build a Relationship

Before being able to have children with Minecraft Comes Alive, you need to marry a Villager. To do that, start interacting with a Villager by joking, greeting and flirting. Giving gifts is also a great option, with most Villagers loving Diamonds.

Rings Recipes

Once you have 50 Hearts with a Villager, you’re able to marry them, provided that you have an Engagement Ring. If you don’t have an Engagement Ring, you can marry them at 100 Hearts with a Wedding Ring.

To get married, select the ‘Gift’ option on your partner, and gift them a ring. They should hopefully accept it, and you’ll become married. If they don’t accept the ring, then you need to increase your Hearts with that Villager a bit more.

Having Babies

Now that you are married, you’re able to have children. Before being able to have children, you’ll need to have 100 Hearts built with your spouse, otherwise they will decline when trying to have kids.

Spouse in MCA

Once you’ve reached 100 Hearts, interact with your partner, select ‘Talk’ and then choose the ‘Procreate’ option. After a small dance, your spouse will provide you with a child.

With the default settings of Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn, you only have a 2% chance of having twins. The only way to guarantee twins is by changing the config files. If you don’t get twins the first time, you’ll have to wait until your partner is ready to try again.

Changing the Config

Your best option is to change the configuration files for Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn. There’s an option which means you can have twins everytime, if that’s what you want.

To start, open the config folder for Minecraft. The easiest way to get there is to go into Minecraft > Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder. Once in the Resource Packs folder, go up a level, so you’re in the main directory, then open the ‘config’ folder.

Look for a file in here called mca.json. Around 8 lines down is the text ‘“chanceToHaveTwins”: 2‘, with the 2 being the percent chance. If you always want to have twins, simply set this value to 100.

Save your changes, and restart Minecraft. Next time you have children, they’ll be twins. You can come back to the config at anytime to change it back to a smaller value.

About the Twins

When you have the twins, or any baby in your inventory, you’ll need to right click to give them names. Once you’ve done that, they’ll begin to grow.

Identical Twins

Keep them inside your own inventory, or your partners. It takes 20 minutes for a baby to turn into a child. At that point, they can be placed down in Minecraft, and will slowly mature into adults over time.