Tomatoes are one of the new vegetables provided by the Farmer’s Delight mod in Minecraft. They’re found growing in the wild, and can be used in a multitude of new recipes.

Where to Find Tomatoes

Wild Tomatoes will spawn in the game world, as Tomato Shrubs. Usually, Tomato Shrubs spawn in small groups, and breaking them will net the player with Tomato Seeds and a smaller chance of giving Tomatoes.

Wild Tomatoes
Wild Tomatoes

Wild Tomatoes only grow in biomes that have a temperature greater than 1.0, which is an arid climate. When it comes to Vanilla Minecraft, this can include biomes like the Badlands, Desert, and Savanna.

Wild Tomato Shrubs look quite similar to the already existing Berry Bushes. However, they’re non-spiked, so you won’t take any damage from walking over them.

Planting & Growing Tomatoes

When you have obtained Tomato Seeds, these need to be planted in tilled soil (which requires a Hoe). A nearby water source can also be used to fertilize the soil, increasing its growth speed.

Harvesting these plants will return you with tomatoes, which can be eaten straight away. Each time a Tomato plant is harvested, there is a small chance of netting multiple tomatoes. The plant doesn’t need to be broken either. Right-clicking it will simply remove the tomatoes from the vines, and they will grow back over time. 

Tomato Vines
Tomato Vines

The tomatoes on the vine should be a bright red color, which indicates they’re ready to be harvested. Occasionally, the plant will give Rotten Tomatoes. These can be taken into the crafting window or Crafting Table and turned into Tomato Seeds.

Recipes Requiring Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be used in some new food recipes provided by the Farmer’s Delight mod. These differ depending on whether they’re created inside a Crafting Table to create simple foods, or more complex ones inside the Cooking Pot.

When used in the Crafting Table, tomatoes can be used to create Barbecue on a Stick, Mixed Salad, Bacon Sandwich, Roasted Mutton Chops, and Hamburger. In the Cooking Pot, tomatoes are used in the creation of Cod Stew, Squid Ink Pasta, Vegetable Noodles, Stuffed Pumpkin, Tomato Sauce, Chicken Soup, and Ratatouille.

Nine tomatoes can be combined in the Crafting Table to create a Tomato Crate, which can be used as a decoration or storage object. And Tomatoes can also be turned into Tomato Seeds through the crafting interface.