Rice is one of the new ingredients provided by Farmer’s Delight, and can be found growing in the wild. Harvesting and growing your own Rice will give access to plenty of new meals, and feasts.

Where to Find Rice

New crops provided by Farmer’s Delight can grow in the wild within specific biomes. To find Rice specifically, search Swamps and Jungles, as this is the only location they naturally spawn.

Wild Rice in a Swamp Biome
Wild Rice in a Swamp Biome

Rice will grow in water that is one block deep. Though it’s two blocks tall, so you can easily spot its bright yellow colors above the water line. After punching it with empty hands or with a Knife, you will obtain Rice.

Due to Swamps having more water, you will likely find that Rice spawns more often in Swamps than in Jungles. Usually, Wild Rice plants will spawn in batches of five or six. Though it’s a wild crop, you will only obtain one sample, destroying the plant.

How to Grow Rice

To obtain lots more Rice, you should create a Rice farm. Rice can be placed down on Dirt in any biome, but it also needs to be submerged in one block of water, allowing the Rice to grow above the water line.

A Rice Farm
A Rice Farm

Slowly, the Rice will grow and can be harvested once completed. You’ll usually be netted one Rice per plant, though more is possible, especially with Enchantments. Harvesting Rice with a Knife also gives a high chance of yielding Straw, which can be used in recipes such as Rope.

When harvesting the Rice, only the top part of the plant will be broken. The submerged part of the plant will remain, allowing it to eventually regrow, giving an infinite source of Rice provided you continue to harvest them.

Meals Requiring Rice

Lots of meals and foods within Farmer’s Delight require Rice. These can all be created inside a regular Crafting Table or a Cooking Pot provided by the mod. One of the main meals that can be created inside the Cooking Pot is Cooked Rice, using Rice and a Bowl.

Cooked Rice is required to create other meals in the Crafting Table, which can be seen on the slider below. However, you can also create Fried Rice, Mushroom Rice, Stuffed Pumpkin, and Dog Food. Stuffed Pumpkin is a Feast, meaning it can be placed down like a Cake.

Once Cooked Rice has been obtained, it can be used alongside other ingredients on the Crafting Table. Creating Roasted Mutton Chops, Salmon Rolls, Steak and Potatoes, Cod Roll, Kelp Roll, and Honey Roasted Ham is possible.

Most of these foods will give Nourishment and Comfort effects, mainly affecting hunger regeneration. Or Dog Food, which can be fed to a Tamed Wolf which will give it Speed, Strength, and Resistance effects for 5 minutes.