Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot is a new item provided by the Farmer’s Delight mod. It’s required to start crafting some new dishes and meals.

Crafting the Cooking Pot

One of the first things you need to do is actually craft a Cooking Pot. They’re relatively cheap to craft, as they only require a Bucket of Water, 5 Iron Ingots, 2 Bricks and 1 Wood Shovel.

Cooking Pot Crafting Recipe
Recipe for the Cooking Pot

You’ll receive the Cooking Pot in return, which can be placed down. Though to actually use the Cooking Pot, it needs to be placed on a heat source, such as a Fire, Lava, Magma Block, Campfire or Stove.

A Boiling Cooking Pot
A Boiling Cooking Pot, with Steam and Bubbles

When a Cooking Pot is active and functional, it will be indicated by boiling bubbles and steam, which will rise from the pot.

Using the Cooking Pot

When you right click the Cooking Pot, an interface will appear. Firstly, there’s 6 slots. This is where ingredients should be placed, where they’ll be combined and turned into a dish. There’s also a slot for a container, such as a Bowl.

Inside the Cooking Pot
Inside the Cooking Pot

Once a dish is created, it will be placed in the right slot. Once a container is added, the meal will be added to the container, and it can be placed in your own inventory and consumed.

On average, it takes around 10 seconds for a recipe to cook inside the Cooking Pot. 64 servings can be stored inside the Cooking Pot, at which point a suitable container will need to be added.

Cooking Pot Recipes

With the Vanilla version of Farmer’s Delight installed, there are 24 different recipes that can be created inside the Cooking Pot.

The easiest way to view them would be by using a mod such as Just Enough Items for Forge, or Roughly Enough Items for Fabric. Then, you can press U while hovering over a Cooking Pot to see every recipe it’s used in.

Wheat Dough, Cabbage, Onion & BeefNoneDumplings
Raw Cod, Potato, Egg & TomatoBowlBaked Cod Stew
Raw Beef, Carrot & PotatoBowlBeef Stew
Raw Chicken, Cabbage, Carrot & TomatoBowlChicken Soup
Baked Potato, Rabbit, Carrot & MushroomBowlRabbit Stew
Milk, Sugar & 2 Cocoa BeansGlass BottleHot Cocoa
RiceBowlCooked Rice
Carrot, Brown Mushroom, Raw Pasta, Cabbage & OnionBowlVegetable Noodles
2x TomatoBowlTomato Sauce
Raw Fish, Tomato Sauce & OnionBowlFish Stew
Cabbage & any Raw Meat/VegetableBowlCabbage Rolls
Rotten Flesh, Bone Meal, Raw Meat & RiceBowlDog Food
Brown Mushroom & Red MushroomBowlMushroom Stew
3x BeetrootBowlBeetroot Soup
Minced Beef, Raw Pasta & Tomato SauceBowlPasta & Meatballs
Tomato, Onion, Beetroot & PotatoBowlRatatouille
2x Apple & 1 SugarGlass BottleApple Cider
Raw Pasta, Fried Egg, Dried Kelp & Raw PorkchopBowlNoodle Soup
Carrot, Potato, Beetroot & CabbageBowlVegetable Soup
Rice, Egg, Carrot & OnionBowlFried Rice
Rice, Potato, Tomato Sauce, Baked Potato, Brown Mushroom Colony & Sweet BerriesPumpkinStuffed Pumpkin
Raw Mutton, Raw Pasta & Tomato SauceBowlPasta & Mutton
Raw Fish, Raw Pasta, Tomato & Ink SacBowlSquid Ink Pasta

Above is a list of all the recipes that can be created in a Cooking Pot. Some recipes call for ‘optional ingredients’. Raw Mutton for example can be substituted with Mutton Chops too. But it’s highly recommended to use a recipe-viewing mod.