Baskets are a storage block provided by the Farmer’s Delight mod. They’re beneficial, as they act like a Hopper, allowing them to collect and store items automatically.

How to Craft a Basket

Baskets can be crafted from 4 Sugar Cane and 3 Canvas. Sugar Canes can easily be harvested throughout Minecraft. Whereas Canvas are new items provided by Farmer’s Delight, and a single piece of Canvas requires 4 Straw.

farmer's delight basket crafting recipe
Basket Crafting Recipe

To obtain Straw, you must first craft a Knife, a new tool the mod provides. When holding a Knife, you can hit blocks like Grass, either long or short, with a chance to obtain Straw each time.

Then, on a Crafting Table, place 4 Straw in a square pattern to obtain a single piece of Canvas. Straw can also be obtained by placing Wild Rice or Rice Panicle on a Cutting Board and harvesting it with a Knife.

Using a Basket

Baskets can be placed down in six different directions, even functioning upside down. They work like a Hopper, as they can collect items that enter its open side and be placed in the inventory within.

However, items can’t be extracted, inserted, or moved between inventories. And in total, they have 27 storage slots, giving them the same amount of storage as a Chest or Barrell. Baskets can have their collection mechanic disabled via a Redstone signal.

Basket Combined with a Skillet
Basket Combined with a Skillet

One good way to use Baskets within Farmer’s Delight is alongside a Stove and Skillet. When a Skillet is on top of a Stove, it can cook a stack of items at once without a fuel source. However, cooked things are usually released to the right, allowing them to despawn.

However, placing down a Basket will allow cooked items to be caught and placed in the Baskets inventory. Baskets can also be used in other scenarios, such as mob farms, as they’re much more intuitive and user-friendly than Hoppers.