Sculk Transmitter

The Sculk Transmitter is a new item provided by Deeper and Darker and is one of the most desirable items from the mod. However, it does not have a crafting recipe and needs to be found manually.

Finding the Sculk Transmitter

The Sculk Transmitter can only be obtained within the Otherside, which is the dimension provided by Deeper and Darker. So you will need to find an Ancient City, activate the portal, and head to the dimension.

Once inside the Otherside, you will need to find the Ancient Temple, which is the only structure currently added with Deeper and Darker. These are quite rare to find but can spawn within the Deeplands Biomes.

Ancient Temple Structure
Ancient Temple Structure

If you enter the Ancient Temple through the stairs, you’ll find a room filled with Chests and Ancient Vases. Be careful, as Sculk Shriekers can spawn here, potentially summoning the Warden. These Chests contain items such as Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Cobwebs, String, and Copper.

In the opening in the ceiling, even more Chests can be found, containing more desirable items like Grime Blocks, Emeralds, and Sculk Bones, which are used in the Soul Elytra recipe. Ender Chests can also be found here.

However, digging down in the well on the main floor, you’ll find another area of the Ancient Temple containing more Chests and Ancient Vases. Hidden at the back of the room, behind some Iron Bars is a Chest which contains the Sculk Transmitter.

Using the Sculk Transmitter

When sneaking and right-clicking a block, the Sculk Transmitter will be linked to it. This can include Crafting Tables, Chests, Anvils, Looms, Enchanting Tables, Brewing Stands, and more. Essentially, it is any block that you can normally interact with.

By holding the Sculk Transmitter and right-clicking, the linked blocks GUI will then be opened, allowing you to craft while on the move, and access distant inventories, among other useful features.

The Sculk Transmitter works at huge distances, over hundreds of blocks. However, it doesn’t work across different dimensions. Doing so will cause the Sculk Transmitter to become unlinked, but this can also be done manually by sneaking and right-clicking.