Heart of the Deep

The Heart of the Deep is a crucial item in Deeper and Darker, used to activate the Portal Frame and access the Otherside, an exciting new dimension filled with new Deep Dark-themed content.

How to Obtain a Heart of the Deep

The only way to obtain the Heart of the Deep is by defeating the Warden. This can be quite challenging because the Warden has a substantial amount of health (500) and can only be summoned within the Deep Dark Biome.

Heart of the Deep
Heart of the Deep

Alongside the Heart of the Deep, the Warden also drops the Warden Carapace, another new item provided by Deeper and Darker. It can be used to create the Reinforced Echo Shard.

Summoning the Warden

First, locate the Deep Dark. You have a higher chance of finding this biome under Jagged Peaks, Stony Peaks, Frozen Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Groves, and Meadows. It spawns deep underground (below Y level 0).

When the player activates a Sculk Shrieker four times, a Warden will spawn from the ground. Sculk Shriekers can be activated by standing on them directly or triggering nearby Sculk Sensors by making sounds or vibrations.

Using the Heart of the Deep

After obtaining a Heart of the Deep, you can enter the Otherside. Find your nearest Ancient City, which will spawn in the Deep Dark at a Y level of around -51. Be careful exploring the Ancient City, as it’s filled with Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shriekers, which can summon additional Wardens.

Ancient City Portal
Ancient City Portal

Within the Ancient City is a large Portal Frame. When right-clicked with the Heart of the Deep, it will be consumed, and the Portal will be opened. It’s likely that the Portal Frame will be covered in Sculk Veins. Make sure these are cleared, otherwise the portal won’t open.

Players with cheats enabled can also use the command /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city to find the coordinates of their nearest Ancient City.