How to Generate Power (Water Wheel Setup)

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If you’re new to the Create mod, chances are that one of your first challenges is learning how to generate power, also known as rotational force. This guide will cover generating power in the most basic and quickest way, which is by using the Water Wheel.

Craft a Water Wheel

The first step is to craft the Water Wheel. It can be crafted by placing 8 Planks of any kind inside a Crafting Table, alongside a Shaft, which is an item provided by Create. Creating the Shaft might be a little more complex.

Water Wheel Recipe
Water Wheel Recipe

Having Just Enough Items installed alongside Create is recommended, making all recipes easily accessible. Eight Shafts can be crafted by combining 2 Andesite Alloys. To create Andesite Alloys, combine 2 Andesite and 2 Iron Nuggets inside a Crafting Table.

Generating Power

Use the image slider below to see an in-game view of each step. Start by digging a 3×3 hole (Step 1) where the Water Wheel will be placed. Water Wheels are commonly placed vertically but can also be placed horizontally.

While holding the Water Wheel, place it in the hole just dug by right-clicking the center block (Step 2). The Water Wheel will now be placed down, and another block should be placed in the hole, allowing the water we eventually place to flow around the wheel (Step 3).

With a Bucket of Water in-hand, place it in the corner of the hole, and the water should begin to flow around the wheel (Step 4). Hopefully, the Water Wheel will start spinning, which means rotational force is being generated.

Moving Forward

Now that the Water Wheel generates power, other Create blocks, components, and contraptions can be connected, starting with Shafts. From there, you can change the direction of the Shafts using the Vertical Gearbox.

Mechanical Press Setup
Mechanical Press Setup

One of the first contraptions you’ll likely want to make is the Mechanical Press. When powered, it can create items like sheet metals, which are required to craft other powerful Create blocks, such as Fluid Tanks, Chutes, Mechanical Ploughs, and more.

A Water Wheel can be right-clicked with any Plank to change the design and color. Eventually, the Water Wheel may become ‘overstressed’ if it’s powering too many components. Water Wheels can generate 256 SU. If more is required, multiple Water Wheels can be placed in parallel to each other, causing two to generate 512 SU, etc.