The Wadjet is a miniboss within Cataclysm that naturally spawns within the Cursed Pyramid. It’s one of two minibosses that can be found here alongside the Kobolediator.

About the Wadjet

In the 1.99 update of Cataclysm, the Cursed Pyramid was made much more dangerous by the introduction of minibosses, one of which is the Wadjet. Several of them can be found throughout the structure, and one guards the Ancient Remnant.

The Wadjet will mostly make melee attacks, where it swings its spear at the player. This deals quite a bit of damage while also knocking the player back. Sometimes, the Wadjet will choose to charge at the player instead, impaling them with its spear.

Falling Sand Blocks Attack
Falling Sand Blocks Attack

When the Wadjet raises its spear into the air, it’s about to summon falling sandblocks. Generally, the Wadjet isn’t difficult to defeat, with it having 150 Health and 5 Armor points. However, fighting multiple of these can quickly cause you to run out of healing supplies you might need to defeat the Ancient Remnant.

Some attacks will also inflict you with Curse of the Desert, which can be tedious. This effect will cause your controls to be inverted while its active, so moving right will cause you to go left, for example.

Wadjet Loot

Currently, the only items dropped by the Wadjet are Ancient Metal Ingots. Each time a Wadjet is slain, it will drop between 2 and 4 of these Ingots.

Ancient Metal Ingots are used to create the Bone Metal Helmet and the Bone Metal Chestplate. While this armor set has no special abilities, it provides higher stats than Netherite equipment.