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The Necklace of the Desert is a new item in the Cursed Pyramid. It is required to summon the Ancient Remnant, the boss of this dungeon.

Finding the Necklace of the Desert

Before being able to find the Necklace of the Desert, you’ll first need to craft a Brush from 1 Stick, 1 Copper Ingot, and 1 Feather. The Brush will be used inside the Cursed Pyramid to dig, with it eventually digging up the Necklace of the Desert.

Brush Recipe
Brush Recipe

Inside the Cursed Pyramid, you need to look for Suspicious Sand, a new block provided by Cataclysm. Suspicious Sand can be found in multiple locations in the Cursed Pyramid, and it looks similar to Sand but with a chipped texture.

Room Containing Suspicious Sand
Room Containing Suspicious Sand

Tombstones often contain a few blocks of Suspicious Sand. Some side rooms also contain multiple blocks. You’ll dig up items like Pottery Shards, Diamonds, and Gunpowder when using the Brush on Suspicious Sand. And eventually, you’ll dig up a Necklace of the Desert.

Using the Necklace of the Desert

After working your way through the Cursed Pyramid, you should eventually come across the skeletal remains of the Ancient Remnant. It’s guarded by a Wadjet and Kobolediator, who must be defeated first.

Once you’re ready to fight the Ancient Remnant, walk up to it and right-click it while holding the Necklace of the Desert. It will be consumed, and the Ancient Remnant will come to life.