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The Monstrous Helmet is a Nether-themed Helmet available from the Cataclysm mod. Wearing it provides some unique effects in combat. To obtain this piece of equipment, you need to obtain a Monstrous Horn.

How to Get a Monstrous Horn

The Monstrous Horn doesn’t have a crafting recipe. Instead, it can be obtained by defeating the Netherite Monstrosity, a boss found within the Soul Blacksmith. This dungeon spawns inside the Nether, and out of all the bosses provided by Cataclysm, the Netherite Monstrosity is probably the easiest to defeat.

Netherite Monstrosity
The Netherite Monstrosity

Each time you defeat the Netherite Monstrosity, it will drop a Monstrous Horn. Though if it drops it within the Soul Flames, just be prepared to run in and collect it, as you’ll take damage.

Currently, the Monstrous Horn is only used in a single recipe. So you shouldn’t need to kill the Netherite Monstrosity more than once unless you play in a multiplayer server and want to collect some for friends.

Using the Monstrous Horn

After obtaining a Monstrous Horn, it only has a single use. And that’s to upgrade the Netherite Helmet, which will turn it into a Monstrous Helmet instead. It has the same Armor, Toughness, and Knockback Resistance as a regular Netherite Helmet.

Monstrous Helmet
The Monstrous Helmet

However, it does give some extra bonuses. When you go below half health, the Monstrous Helmet will knock back nearby entities, temporarily stopping you from getting hit. You will also be given increased defense, as well as increased knockback resistance and health regeneration.

So the Monstrous Helmet should help to keep you alive under challenging fights. The effect that is applied is called Monstrous and lasts around 10 seconds. Then there is around a 20-30 second cooldown before this effect can trigger again.

To upgrade a Netherite Helmet, place it inside the Smithing Table alongside a Monstrous Horn. It can be further upgraded with Enchantments such as Protection, Fire Protection, Thorns, and more.