Modern Remnant

The Modern Remnant is a tameable pet, added with the addition of the Ancient Remnant boss, which can be found in the Cursed Pyramid. You can obtain the Modern Remnant after beating the Ancient Remnant in battle.

Summoning & Taming the Modern Remnant

As previously mentioned, the Modern Remnant can only be summoned after defeating the Ancient Remnant. After obtaining the Remnant Skull, it can be right-clicked on the ground to summon the Modern Remnant pet.

Remnant Skull, Used to Summon the Modern Remnant
Remnant Skull, Used to Summon the Modern Remnant

It won’t be tamed at first, so be careful. Hitting the Modern Remnant at this point will cause it to become aggressive and attack you. To tame it, you’ll need to hold the Brush, which can be crafted from a Feather, Copper Ingot, and a Stick, then keep right-clicking the Modern Remnant.

About the Modern Remnant

There are two different modes the Modern Remnant can be switched between by right-clicking it. Like a Wolf, these are sit and follow. Modern Remnants won’t attack other creatures freely. Instead, they’ll attack targets that attack you first, making them great to take on adventures.

Tamed Modern Remnant
Tamed Modern Remnant

They also have 120 Health in total, making them very tanky and quite tricky for other mobs to kill, and five armor points. If the Modern Remnant takes damage, it can be healed by giving it either regular Bones, or Kobeleton Bones, which will heal it for five damage.

Though the Modern Remnant won’t beat everything in a fight. The Iron Golem, for example, will kill it. If a Modern Remnant dies, it will drop the skull again, allowing it to be resummoned and tamed.