Leviathan Stats

This underwater squid-like beast, the Leviathan, spears you with its tongue and cracks walls with its four tormenting tentacles. With the right gear and technique, defeating this boss can be a walk in the park. 

How to Find the Leviathan

The Leviathan can be found inside the Sunken City spawning within the Oceans, so you can set off in a Boat to start looking for it. It should spawn every few thousand blocks, and due to the vast size of the structure, you might find it naturally while exploring.

Ensure you have everything you need to bring, as The Sunken City might be far from your main base. Getting a bed to create a spawn point nearby is also a good idea because you may die during this fight.

How to Make the Eye of the Abyss
How to Make the Eye of the Abyss

However, you can also find it by crafting the Eye of Abyss, similar to the Eye of Ender. To craft it, surround an Eye of Ender with 4 Obsidian and 4 Crying Obsidian. When released, it will point to the nearest Sunken City, so craft a few of these and release them while in a Boat.

Alternatively, you can enter some commands, provided you have cheats enabled. You can use the commands /locate cataclysm:sunken_city or /locate structure cataclysm:sunken_city if you’re on Minecraft 1.19+.

About the Sunken City

The Sunken City doesn’t just contain The Leviathan; You can also find other hostile creatures here. These mainly consist of Deeplings, which come in various variants, such as Brutes, Anglers, and Priests, so be ready to fight them.

The Sunken City
The Sunken City

Doing so will give items like the Athame, Coral Spear, and Coral Chunk, which are required to create the Abyssal Sacrifice to summon The Leviathan. There is also the Coralssus, which has 160 health and acts as a miniboss. 

You can find loot throughout The Sunken City, some of which you can use to craft Abyssal Sacrifice. Specifically, you can find Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds. There are also lots of Chests that contain more generic loot, such as food.

Recommended Gear

You’ll want to bring at least 4 Blessed Amethyst Crab Meats to defend against the Leviathan’s powerful debuffs and some food or Golden Apples to heal from any unavoidable damage you take. You should look to bring fully Enchanted Diamond Armor or, better, with Depth Strider Enchanted Boots.

For weaponry, you must bring a couple of Tridents: one enchanted with Riptide and the other with Loyalty and Impaling. You should also get a Totem of Undying if you want to have a second chance if you die.

Since The Leviathan is an aquatic boss in a dark room in The Sunken City, you’ll be fighting it underwater. Therefore, you’ll need some Water-Breathing Potions and Night Vision Potions, as situation awareness is paramount while fighting this boss.

Blessed Amethyst Crab Meat

One of the most essential items you should bring to make this easier is Blessed Amethyst Crab Meat. It will make you immune to the Darkness, Abyssal Fear, and Abyssal Burn effects given by the Leviathan, which deal a lot of damage.

When consumed, Blessed Amethyst Crab Meat will last one minute and thirty seconds, so it’s best to get a few of these if possible. To obtain it, you’ll first need to kill Amethyst Crabs, which have a chance of spawning in the Lush Cave Biomes.

the Altar of Amethyst
the Altar of Amethyst

When slain, they will drop Amethyst Crab Meat alongside Amethyst Crab Shells. Inside The Sunken City is the Altar of Amethyst. Make sure to search for this before summoning the Leviathan.

When you place the Amethyst Crab Meat on the Altar, it will become blessed after a few seconds. Only after being blessed and consumed will it give you immunity to the Leviathans debuffs.

How to Summon The Leviathan

In the sizeable cylindrical chamber, you can find The Altar of Abyss underwater, sitting atop a Gold Block. This Altar is used to summon The Leviathan by placing an Abyssal Sacrifice inside. You should consume any potions at this point, especially Potions of Water Breathing and Night Vision Potions.

How to make an Abyssal Sacrifice
How to make an Abyssal Sacrifice

To craft the Abyssal Sacrifice, combine an Iron Block, Gold Block, Block of Diamond, Block of Emerald, Block of Amethyst, Heart of the Sea, Nautilus Shell, Coral Chunk, Athame, and a Nautilus Shell.

To obtain a Coral Chunk, slay the Coralssus. A few of these can be found around the Sunken City. Whereas to obtain the Athame, kill Deepling Priests, as these are the only creatures that will drop it.

How to beat The Leviathan

The Leviathan is a two-phase boss. It enters the second phase after it reaches half-health. The Leviathan will apply multiple debuffs to you, such as the Abyssal Burn, Darkness, and the Abyssal Fear. These debuffs turn your health purple, applying damage over time and preventing HP recovery. 

Leviathan in the Dark
Leviathan in the Dark

Fighting the Leviathan will be increasingly difficult if you haven’t consumed Blessed Amethyst Crab Meat. The bone fracture debuff—applied via his tail-swipe ability—significantly reduces your swim speed, leaving you open to further attacks if not properly prepared.

Leviathan Roaring
Leviathan Roaring

While fighting The Leviathan, you’ll notice there are around nine attacks. The most dangerous is when he tears a rip into a wall by smashing his tentacles into the blocks around him, slowly creating a purple portal-like object. This attack seems to cause a differential in water pressure that will suck you in and deal significant damage.

These rips disappear with enough time, but you can’t destroy or escape from this attack by swimming away from the epicenter. This is where your Riptide is most useful. Moving around the boss room and keeping distance from the Leviathan is paramount to your survival.

Other dangerous attacks are the lasers, the mines, the tongue spear, and the bite. The boss can also fire self-guided orbs toward you, but with the gear mentioned above, these should be of little concern.

On the other hand, the lasers are still quite a threat if you aren’t ready for them. Listen out for the typical sound of a laser charging up. If you hear this, you’ll know to get your Riptide Trident ready to dash away from an incoming laser originating from The Leviathan’s mouth.

Other lasers the boss can spawn are located on the floor of the boss room. They can be fatal if you don’t move out of them fast enough. You’ll see them on the floor before the lasers activate and know they have appeared when you hear the boss let out an enormous roar.

The Leviathan's Laser
The Leviathan’s Laser

The final notable attack is his spear tongue, which will grapple you in for a close encounter with the boss. When he tries to hit you with this, you don’t need to focus too much on dodging; instead, get ready to fight up close and consume a Golden Apple if necessary.

While close up, you can significantly damage the boss by melee attacking him with your Impaling-Enchanted Trident. You should use that same spear’s Loyalty enchantment and repeatedly hurl the Trident at the boss when at a distance. If there is still a rip in a wall when you throw the Trident, it’ll get sucked up to the tear, and you’ll have to wait until the rip has repaired itself to retrieve the Trident. Until then, focus on meleeing or evasion with your Riptide Trident.

For any additional seemingly unavoidable attacks, such as his bite, look to heal or deal close-range damage until you are out of melee range, where you can begin to throw your spear at the boss again.

Leviathan Loot

The Leviathan drops two items, the first of which is the Tidal Claws, which are both weapon and utility items. Holding down the right click will act as a grappling hook, allowing you to reach locations that typically require building. Whereas the left-click ability will fire out a tentacle that will lock onto enemies, even going through them and attacking other targets, making it incredibly powerful.

A Baby Leviathan
A Baby Leviathan

The other item is the Abyssal Egg. When placed down, it will eventually hatch into your own Baby Leviathan. You should leave the Egg to hatch in an enclosed area so it doesn’t wander off, as when the Abyssal Egg hatches, The Leviathan is untamed. To tame it, keep feeding it Tropical Fish. Then, you can set it to stay, wander, or follow.