Inside the Cursed Pyramid, alongside the Wadjet and Koboleton, is the Kobolediator. It’s a much stronger version of the Koboleton, being a miniboss, and acts as a guard to the Ancient Remnant.

About the Kobolediator

In the 1.99 update for Cataclysm, the Cursed Pyramid received some new additions. One of them is the Kobolediator, which acts as a miniboss alongside the Wadjet, and multiple of these can be found inside the Cursed Pyramid structure.

The Kobolediator is slightly stronger than the Wadjet, with it having 180 Health and 10 Armor points. However, the attacks are easier to dodge due to its size, as the Kobolediator tends to move slower. Don’t let that fool you, though; it’s still easy to get caught against the walls of the Cursed Pyramid’s thin corridors.

Kobolediator Attacking
Kobolediator Attacking

Even though the Kobolediator has a slow movement speed, it can still close the gap between itself and you. Occasionally, it will make a charge attack that can destroy nearby blocks. Or it can even smash the ground, causing blocks to rise into the air, sucking you in towards the Kobolediator.

Most attacks can hopefully be dodged, provided you keep your distance. However, if you are hit by the Kobolediator’s sword, it can easily remove up to half of your health in a single swipe.

Kobolediator Loot

Like the Wadjet, the Kobolediator can drop Ancient Metal Ingots between 1 and 3 each time it is slain. These are used to create the Bone Reptile Helmet and Bone Reptile Chestplate, which provide higher stats than Netherite but no special abilities.

Bone Reptile Armor Set
Bone Reptile Armor Set

To craft the Bone Reptile Helmet, you’ll also require the Kobolediator Skull, which is a guaranteed drop after slaying this miniboss. Finally, it will drop Koboleton Bones, which can be turned into Bone Meal, but are also the final requirement for the Bone Reptil armor set.