The Coralssus is a strong aquatic-based creature found in the Sunken City. Slaying these are required to summon the Leviathan, the boss that can be found in this dungeon. In a recent Cataclysm update, the Coralssus was reworked, and the original Coralssus was turned into the Coral Golem.

Finding Coralssus

Coralssus can be found spawning within Sunken Cities, the dungeon where the Leviathan can be fought. Sunken Cities spawn in the Ocean and rise above the surface, so you might discover them while sailing in a Boat.

Eye of Abyss Recipe
Eye of Abyss Recipe

However, players can manually find the Sunken City by crafting the Eye of Abyss from an Eye of Ender, Obsidian, and Crying Obsidian. When released, it will point towards the nearest Sunken City in your world.

Multiple Coralssus can spawn in a Sunken City, and you should expect to find at least 4, some of which might be locked in jail cells. There are some different colors of the Coralssus, allowing them to spawn in yellow, blue, and red. Often, they’ll also have a Deepling riding them.

Fighting Coralssus

Coralssus is hostile and will attack the player on sight with a few deadly attacks. When fighting Coralssus, it can jump into the air, fall back down onto the player, and knock them up and away.

Coralssus mostly relies on punching the player during combat, which can cause a high knockback effect. When Coralssus lets out a roar, it will perform a series of punch attacks while charging towards the player. It’s best to run away when this happens because these attacks can deal significant damage and knockback.

Coralssus Attacking the Player
Coralssus Attacking the Player

In total, Coralssus has 160 Health and 5 Armor points. It isn’t immune to ranged attacks, so bringing a Bow and Arrow might be beneficial to prevent Coralssus from getting too close. 

Coralssus Loot

Alongside around 35 experience, Coralssus will drop a Coral Chunk, which is a guaranteed reward. The Coral Chunk is required to craft the Abyssal Sacrifice. Crystallized Coral can be used in the Coral Chunks place, which is dropped by the Coral Golem.

Eye of Abyss Recipe
Eye of Abyss Recipe

The Leviathan will be summoned when this item is used on the Altar of Abyss within the Sunken City. Alongside the Coral Chunk, the Abyssal Sacrifice also requires a Nautilus Shell, Athame, Block of Diamond, Heart of the Sea, Block of Emerald, Block of Iron, Block of Amethyst, and Block of Gold.