Baby Leviathan

After defeating The Leviathan within The Sunken City, one of the drops you will receive is the Abyssal Egg. When placed down, it will eventually hatch the Baby Leviathan, a tameable pet version of The Leviathan. This pet will stay as a baby variant and never grow.

Hatching & Taming a Baby Leviathan

Once The Leviathan is defeated, you’ll obtain the Abyssal Egg, a placeable block. Place this down on the ground, and stay nearby. It doesn’t have to be placed in water or anywhere specific. All you need to do is wait around 10 minutes, and it should eventually hatch.

Hatching an Abyssal Egg
Hatching an Abyssal Egg

However, when it does, the Baby Leviathan will be a stray mob and won’t be tamed. Therefore, it won’t have any reason to stick around, and there’s a good chance it will wander off and vanish if you aren’t nearby to watch it.

It’s a good idea to place the Abyssal Egg in an enclosed area, surrounded by Fences so that the Baby Leviathan can’t escape. Once hatched, you can tame it by feeding it Tropical Fish, which likely needs less than 12, but bring more just to be safe.

About the Baby Leviathan

There are some different modes that the Baby Leviathan can be switched between. These are stay, wander, and follow. And in total, they have 100 health and 20 armor points. They’re neutral to other creatures and won’t attack on sight. However, if something attacks its owner, it will come to defend them.

Baby Leviathan Sitting
Baby Leviathan Sitting

It’s a very powerful pet to take adventuring. Like The Leviathan, it has some deadly ranged attacks with high damage. Mostly, it will hit with melee attacks that deal around 4 damage. Every so often, it will charge up a laser attack, which can quickly deal over 50 damage provided it continuously hits its target and can easily beat even Iron Golems. 

If you want to heal the Baby Leviathan, then feed it more Tropical Fish. While the main Leviathan prefers land, Baby Leviathans are perfectly capable on land and can survive without water. If the Baby Leviathian dies, another Abyssal Egg will be dropped in its place and must be hatched and tamed again.